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Business News | Nov 10, 2006

Seoul Semiconductor appoints Mouser as its distributor Partner

Seoul Semiconductor (SSC) has entered into a distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics, Inc. for its broad line of LED products in North America.

SSC, as a world-class semiconductor lighting company, has only been manufacturing LEDs. According to Strategies Unlimited’s recent LED market research report, SSC is retaining the No. 1 ranking in Korea and the No. 10 ranking in the world for the high brightness LED market SSC is expected to reach the top 3 globally by 2010, achieving the goal of $1.3 billion in sales. SSC is committed to support customers' various lighting application needs with the broadest line of high quality products in high volumes. SSC’s LEDs are used in illumination, signs, displays, traffic signals, automotive components, mobile phones, etc.

Mouser Electronics is the fastest growing catalog distributor in the electronics industry, and the only distributor whose rapid new product introduction gives customers a time-to-market advantage. Mouser’s unique customer base will introduce SSC products to a wider customer base globally.  Mouser is known for its best-in-class customer service including on-time delivery and, therefore, will facilitate the rapid introduction of  SSC’s advanced technology products to the North American market.

 “We decided to be a partner with Mouser because they are experts at new product introduction and can expand our global exposure through their unique engineering customer base. This agreement with Mouser enables SSC to accelerate the sales growth in North America to reach our goal of the global top 3,” said Mr. Jae Jo Kim, SSC Vice President.

According to Mike Scott, Mouser’s Vice President of Active and Passive Components, the distribution agreement with SSC is in keeping with the distributor’s business model of continuing to offer the newest, most innovative products and the latest technologies, thus delivering a time-to-market advantage to its customers.

About SSC, named to Forbes Magazine’s 2006 list of the Asia’s Top 200 Companies
SSC is a world-class semiconductor lighting company committed to supporting its customers' lighting applications with a broadest line of innovative LED solutions. Recently named to Forbes Magazine’s 2006 list of the Asia’s Top 200 Best under a Billion, the company expects to achieve more than 1.3 billion dollars in sales by 2010 and become the world’s third largest LED company. According to a recent report by Strategies Unlimited, an industry research institution specializing in the LED industry, SSC is the number one Korean LED supplier and one of the world’s top 10 companies for high brightness LEDs.

SSC provides customers with total solutions of various packages, from chip manufacturing to LED packaging. The company owns SOC, a subsidiary and chip maker, KM Semiconductor, a manufacturing facility in China, besides its headquarters in Korea. SSC manufactures more than 0.3 billion packages and provides various fields to meet global customers’ needs.

Its sales network is comprised of 3 overseas subsidiaries, Japan, Germany, United States with 9 overseas sales offices, and over 90 distributors in the world. SSC’s LEDs are broadly used in various applications such as illumination, signs, displays, traffic signals, automotive components, mobile phones, etc.

SSC also has been meeting a growing global demand for high quality management and environmental protection systems. Its quality and environmental protection are proven by quality management system certifications such as ISO/TS 16949 and many other environmental management system certifications like ISO 14001.

SSC is maintaining premier LED thermal, phosphor, optic, chip technologies by strategic alliances with numbers of world's prestigious institutions, including RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), UCSB(Univ. of California, Santa Barbara), SETI(Sensor Electronic Technology inc.), etc.

“Our top priority is R&D. We have 737 employees including 107 R&D members. All of us have been developing its LED technology and expanding into a wider illumination market by cooperating with those research institutions,” said Mr. Do Hyung Kim, the head of SSC’s Power LEDs Division.

SSC has secured patents and Intellectual properties with its high efficient chip and high advanced phosphor technologies. It has been successfully defending itself from competitors with 743 patents and 68 licenses. SSC plans to acquire 1000 patents by the end of 2006.

Investing 10% of sales revenues in R&D, SSC has created a new way by unveiling its innovative products. The recent business highlights are;

-The most brightness Warm White LED (67lm @ 350mA)
-One die Power package (98lm@350mA)-Superior luminous efficiency to that of fluorescent and excellent features of thermal radiation with the lowest thermal resistance.
-The first 6 pin full color power LED in industry
-The thinnest Chip LED (0.25 mm)
-The best lifetime lamp LED (100,000hr)

For more information about SSC, please visit our website at


About Mouser
Mouser Electronics, a privately-held company and a subsidiary of TTI, Inc., is the fastest growing broad-line catalog distributor in the electronics industry and the only distributor whose rapid new product introduction gives customers a time-to-market advantage!
Mouser is the only distributor to publish a new 1,800+ page print catalog every 90 days!  The catalog has a yearly circulation of one million, with quarterly mailings of 250,000  In addition, its first-class website is updated daily and has over 720,000 products available for online purchase 24 hours every day. also provides more than 490,000 downloadable data sheets, over 1.5 million cross-references, and global shipment to over 170 countries.
Known for its best-in-class customer service with its one-call solution, Mouser sells innovative products from over 325 premiere suppliers of semiconductors, optoelectronics, embedded solutions, passives, circuit protection, interconnects, wire and cable, electromechanical, sensors, enclosures and thermal management, power sources, test, tools, and specialty products. For more information about Mouser Electronics, visit