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Business News | Nov 23, 2010

Since Three Years, Xicato LED Modules are the First Lighting Products that were Selected as One of BuildingGreen’s Top 10 Products of the Year

Xicato has been selected as one of BuildingGreen’s Top-10 products of the year by the editors of Environmental Building News and GreenSpec®. This ninth annual award recognizes the most innovative and exciting green building products. The Xicato award is the first lighting product to be selected since 2007 due to its efficiency and light quality – the combination providing a “significant advance” according to BuildingGreen’s founder and executive editor Alex Wilson, who describes Xicato as “one of the most exciting companies in the burgeoning LED lighting industry”.

Xicato has pioneered the development of a solid state lighting module using “Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology”. No “LED binning” is required with Xicato LED modules due to this technology which keeps phosphor performance stable over the module’s lifetime. The resulting color consistency performance (two-step MacAdam ellipse, module to module) is an industry best. Xicato LED modules are enclosed in aluminum housings with a glass front plate so the cleaning of luminaires as needed to offset luminaire dirt depreciation (LDD) is possible, something that isn’t possible with plastic housed LED modules. These real world features address the concerns of building managers and facility operators. Xicato modules provide all of the benefits of LED energy savings and long life in a rugged package designed to offer superior light quality.

Xicato’s LED module portfolio includes both XSM Spot Modules for accent applications and XLM Linear Modules for wallwash and downlighting applications. Lumen output ranges from 400 to 2200 lumens. Color Temperatures range from warm 2700K to cool 4000K. Efficacies approach 70lm/W. Color Rendering Indices are 80+ for the standard range and 95+ for the unique “Artist” series range which also has high “R9” (>90) values enabling deep red colors to be rendered especially well, on par with halogen.

Xicato’s CEO Menko De Roos concludes: “By designing-in a no-compromise quality of light on the front-end we can be assured that customer needs are met and LED technology is embraced. Our efficacies have already well exceeded halogen lighting and are surpassing compact fluorescent and compact metal halide lighting in terms of delivered light. We are delighted with this award and recognition of what we have accomplished”.

About Xicato:
Xicato is a young Solid State Lighting company founded by seasoned industry professionals, with offices located in Silicon Valley, California (HQ), London and Tokyo.
Xicato develops, manufactures and globally markets LED modules that simply are functional replacements for traditional lamp technologies, offering all the life and energy-saving advantages of LEDs with no lighttechnical or aesthetic compromises.
Xicato provides industry best (plus) specifications via an open approach with a global circle of leading end-users, specifiers and luminaire manufacturers.
Xicato is committed to address the whole broad sphere of the general illumination world, taking on segment by segment with our annual new product launches. By 'Making sense with LEDs'TM Xicato will bring confidence in LEDs to the lighting market and contribute to their widespread adoption.


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