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Smart Control with GRE’s Dimming Modules

Smart and sustainable technologies have been on the forefront at the international lighting events. With the advance of smart devices and return on investment requirements, the smart building is widely becoming the new standard building model.

Beyond lighting, HVAC and security, with Internet-of-Things capability, every device from the generator to the coffee pot can be connected. Smart controls like drivers for lighting systems are some of the most important devices in smart building technology. LED drivers add even more benefit to smart controls by contributing to energy efficiency, convenience and building ambience.

The GRE Alpha team has been on the road bringing their expanding line of dimming modules to premier events such as Germany’s Messe Light + Building and Japan’s LED NEXT Stage. In May they will be bringing their dimming line to North America at LIGHTFAIR International in Chicago. Here are the benefits and products they will be sharing.

Energy efficiency
Before efficient lighting systems and strategies were developed, dimming was widely used to save energy. Gone are the early days manual switching and scheduling. With the use of drivers, dimming can be used as a quantifiable way to control building energy usage. When connected to a building automation system, drivers can adjust dimming capabilities individually to meet energy saving thresholds. Going a step further, they’ve developed the ENO-DIM series to support EnOcean Alliance’s patented energy harvesting wireless technology - making buildings more energy-efficient, flexible and cost-effective.

The key function of a smart building is to provide energy efficient functionality and provide comfort and convenience to occupants. When it comes to lighting, drivers are the vehicle that provide hassle free dimming to any space. Using the internet of things technology, occupants can schedule or adjust dimming remotely in real time. Installations should be just as convenient. GRE Alpha products facilitate this by embracing the modular approach. The GLD-DIM constant current dimming module and LED Wireless dimming module simplify integration with open source control systems that can provide a building remote operation of dimming.

When it comes to architectural design, nothing gives your space more versatility to create a particular mood than dimming. Once seen as a luxury, dimming control can be installed in any room or space rather easily and cost effectively. But having the right dimming driver with flicker-free nuanced color control is key. The SLD-DIMTW tunable white dimmer has a plug and play design that is adaptable to existing or the newest LED technology.
Dimming can easily be controlled via remote control or online automation systems using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities. Smart driver modules make this possible by allowing digital control of dimmer function. Where wifi was only capable of on/off LED functions, drivers now enable remote access to controlled analog dimming. Never has it been easier to control LED dimming than now. For more details on GRE Alpha’s LED Drivers and accessories visit

About GRE Alpha Electronics Ltd:

Preferred by the world’s leading architects, designers and lighting companies, GRE Alpha’s LED Drivers provide exceptional function, reliability and quality. From easy-install, integrated wiring compartments, which drastically reduce installation costs in all of our standalone drivers, to deep, flicker-free dimming in our TRIAC dimmable LED drivers, GRE Alpha’s LED products exploit the latest in power management technology, providing the unique, adaptable and highest performing power products that enable your LEDs to shine.


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