Business News | Jul 30, 2010

Solid state lighting phosphor expert Intematix announces addition of LEDtech to strategic customer wins

Fremont, California, USA – Solid state lighting phosphor expert, Intematix Corporation, announced today that it has added LEDtech Electronics Corp of Taiwan to its growing list of strategic customer wins.

LEDtech has selected a broad offering of Intematix’ patent-backed phosphors to enable an aggressive product line expansion that includes high color rendering LED solutions for consumer-oriented applications. For over 20 years, LEDtech has been well recognized as a leading supplier of LEDs in both visible and infrared (IR) implementations for industrial and consumer applications. Intematix Co-Founder, and Display and Lighting Business General Manager, Dr. Yi-Qun Li commented, “The approach Intematix has taken to its phosphor development allows customers such as LEDtech to apply creativity to challenging issues such as color rendering and packaging. This allows them to formulate solutions that have not previously been possible. The fact we are offering not just warm and cool white phosphors, but also red and green phosphor was a key decision factor for LEDtech.” Intematix offers patent-backed phosphor options to designers and manufacturers for high brightness LEDs and solid state lighting solutions. Included in the agreement is Intematix’ Green Lightning G5X2XTM series and OG450TM Warm White Series, along with their White Lightning NY450TM / NY460TM product line in both cool and warm white spectral variants.

LEDtech Electronics Corp, founded in 1977, provides a broad offering of LED solutions to worldwide markets. According to LEDtech Chairman, Frank Liu, “Many new consumer applications require high color rendering to maximize the visual impact for the consumer. Intematix phosphor offerings are allowing us to implement creative new packaging that will give us a definite advantage for applications such as backlight units, general and personal illumination.”

The ability to flexibly customize its phosphor technology is achieved using Intematix’ Materials Discovery Engines. This unique material development process technology enables the rapid development of new material compositions that can then be quickly customized for luminescent efficiency, emission wavelength, specific thermal stability, manufacturing processes, and specific Bills of Materials, including a choice of chips at various wavelengths and support for a variety of resins.

According to Intematix CEO, Magnus Ryde, “From the outset, Intematix has taken an approach dedicated to offering merchant phosphor solutions that create broader market opportunities for our customers. LEDtech is an exceptionally strong validation of that philosophy as they have leveraged the Intematix solutions to allow totally new solution sets that are directed at the high-growth consumer application space. We’re pleased to be able to partner with companies, such as LEDtech, who are willing to break new ground in this exciting market.”

About Intematix
Intematix specializes in next generation nano, bulk & thin film materials. Leveraging its ultra rapid material development and proprietary tools and processes, the company discovers and optimizes materials in a fraction of the time typical for conventional methods. Intematix is currently announcing production availability of key patent-backed phosphors for the solid state lighting and imaging markets, from its Fremont, California, USA facility. For more information, visit

About LEDtech Electronics Corp.
LEDtech Electronics Corp. was founded in 1977 guided by the motto, "Honest, responsible and constantly improving." LEDtech has been dedicated to the production of LED lamps and displays for over twenty years, persistently fostering its own personnel, developing new products, and upgrading its production facilities in a vigorous effort to satisfy customers' needs. LEDtech Electronics Corp. with standing in Taiwan, looks ahead on a worldwide basis, focused on linking globally. Devoted to specialization and resource integration, LEDtech aims at enhancing their core competency which is to carry out the sustainable development and contribution to society through its strong teamwork. For more information, visit