Business News | Jul 30, 2010

Texim Europe Launches LED Illumination Solutions Area

In addition to the successful activities “Embedded System & Display Solutions” and “Wireless Communication Solutions” Texim Europe has now launched a new initiative called “LED Illumination Solutions”. In line with the principle behind the other Solutions Portfolios Texim Europe will provide a full range of products to implement LED Illumination applications which goes beyond the delivery of LEDs alone.

Martin Woebke, LED Illumination Solutions Portfolio Manager at Texim Europe explains: “Obviously the latest technology LEDs are basic parts of our offering but there is so much more to the development of LED Illumination applications. First of all you need the appropriate LED driver circuitry for the application. We can present several options from for example austriamicrosystems or Richtek. Secondly, temperature control is one important part which we address through our offering of both traditional cooling elements from Fischer and the latest Anotherm® substrate technology from TT Electronics. To complete an LED Illumination application you often need an appropriate lens to focus the light in the desired way. We can provide a full programme of lenses from a first class quality manufacturer”.

The list of supported products is completed by connectivity products from Tyco and complete LED modules and power supplies for those customers who do not want to design their own modules but integrate ready-made Lighting Solutions in their design.

The full programme of supported products can be found on the Texim Europe web site. Please watch that space as new LED technology and associated products are constantly developed. It is Texim Europe’s goal to always provide its customers with the latest technology in the LED Illumination Solutions Portfolio.

About Texim Europe:
Texim Europe is part of the Technical Trading Division of the TKH Group NV, a 900Meuro Dutch public company, with a strong position in the Telecom, Building and Industrial Solutions market segments. Texim Europe’s activities are a combination of "Focused" Electronic Component Distribution, with a selected range of high technology suppliers, and Electronic Component Supply Chain Solutions. The company has its head office located in Haaksbergen, the Netherlands, one sales office in Belgium, four sales offices in Germany, one in Denmark and one in the UK. For more details, please visit