News-Spot | Business News | Mar 01, 2012

Thermal Conductive Adhesive to Increases Lifetime of LEDs

Hernon Manufacturing Inc. is an innovator of high performance adhesive, sealant and precision dispensing equipment. Hernon manufactures more than 5.000 products offering a complete solution for bonding, sealing and dispening.

The company increased it’s local presence and is distributed by the company 4AdvancedTechnologies-Thomas Witt in Germany, Belgium, Netherland, Luxemburg as well as in Austria and Switzerland.

Hernon developed for the needs of the electronic industry a special heat conductive adhesive as in the LED industry and the printed circuitboards the power output requires better solutions.
Hernon’s Dissipator 745 was recently tested against a competitor’s thermal pad product in the production of LED lighting by a large manufacturer. The results were positive on all fronts including operating temperatures 6° to 7° Celsius degrees lower. Temperatures as in most electronics are important for increasing the product longevity. In the case of LED lighting it also can yield higher light emission. HERNON® Dissipator 745 was able to increase life by 15 to 20% and increase light emission by 5% using the same electrical power input. Another important consideration is that Dissipator 745 in this application was able to lower costs by a multiple of 4 to 5 times.

HERNON® Dissipator 745 is a thermally conductive, acrylic adhesive with self-leveling properties. This room-temperature cure adhesive provides up to 1000 psi of shear strength while delivering a coefficient of thermal conductivity of 69 x 10-6 according to ASTM D696 testing. Dissipator 745 is a no-mix application. No need to worry about proper mixing ratios of two-component products and elaborate dispensing pump systems. An activator is applied to one surface and Dissipator 745 is applied to the opposite. Once the components are mated the adhesive cures to a constant gap of 0.005 to 0.006 inch gap. Handling strength is achieved in just 5 minutes with full strength available in 4 to 24 hours at standard room temperature. Dissipator 745 also provides high dielectric strength to 26.7 kV/mm according testing standard IEC 60243-1. It is also resistant to thermal cycling which critical in this LED application.

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