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News-Spot | Business News | Oct 28, 2013

TSMC SSL and Xiamen Topstar Enter a New Stage of Strategic Cooperation Regarding PoD Technology

TSMC Solid State Lighting Ltd and Xiamen Topstar Co., Ltd. will announce their strategic cooperation at the 2013 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition). Inaugurating the cooperation, a series of lighting products were released together. The new product series applies TSMC Solid State Lighting’s industry-leading package-free PoD technology to Topstar’s newest generation of lamp products. Topstar’s renowned brand name and excellent manufacturing capability joining forces with TSMC Solid State Lighting’s advanced LED technology create a strong partnership able to provide world-class products for the China and global LED lighting markets.

Topstar is a well-known Chinese lighting brand in operation in the industry for 57 years and is backed by a strong sales network and well-established, world-class manufacturing facilities. In recent years, the company has boosted its investment in LED technology research and development, having released products such as the RS20, MR16, PAR38 and A-lamp bulbs. Topstar’s long established product lines include CFL lighting, fluorescent tubes and luminaires, for which the company set up a complete industrial supply chain including components such as glass tubing and phosphor. The Topstar laboratory has been accredited by the Chinese government (CNAS approval) as well as by UL and NVLAP from the US, ITS from the UK, and TUV and DEKRA from Germany. These high quality product lines have achieve UL, CE, FCC and PSE certifications, allowing them to be sold in over 36 countries.

TSMC Solid State Lighting Ltd.(TSMC SSL) inherits a culture emphasizing the value of rigorous quality and manufacturing excellence from TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.), and focuses its efforts on LED epitaxy, die making and advanced packaging development to meet the market need for higher standard LED emitters and light modules. Package-free PoD (Phosphor on Die) is TSMC Solid State Lighting’s latest cutting-edge technology, offering benefits including: miniature size, wide viewing angle and concentrated light output, enable high flexible use of lighting products.

In Q3 of 2013, TSMC SSL released the “TR-series” light modules designed to fit MR16 and PAR-like lamps. The TR-series light modules demonstrate light quality comparable to traditional high-quality directional lamps: elimination of multi-shadow effects, high center beam candle power (CBCP) and cleaner-looking illumination surface. This new PoD module platform effectively simplifies optics design, lowers cost and provides top-performance light quality for lighting products. The new module series will fundamentally shorten the time-to-market for our customer’s end products meanwhile add competitive value to lighting manufacturers.

Both Topstar and TSMC SSL benefit from an excellent pool of shared resources while fielding an integrated LED product line from epitaxy to luminaires. This is a win-win collaboration for both companies as it increases brand reputation and value by providing customers with even higher quality products with superior luminaires aesthetics and product differentiation.

“TSMC Solid State Lighting provides the best LED light engines and light integration solutions to customers aiming for competitive and innovative LED products,” states TSMC Solid State Lighting Ltd. President Dr. Jacob Tarn. “We expect this strategic cooperation with Topstar to be a win-win pact as both companies benefit from each other’s strengths. The cooperation model is integrated  not only total but also upfront forward-looking solutions combining optical, electrical power and thermal effects for the indispensable requirements of end product. Topstar has successfully demonstrated our TR5 and TR7 PoD modules in their newest MR16, A60 lamp, PAR 38, and AR111 lighting products, all with outstanding designs. We are looking forward to further such joint efforts, extending our collaboration even further and creating products that lead the industry. TSMC SSL will continue its focus technology innovation and mass production excellence, in accordance with our motto ‘New Lighting, New thinking’, actively collaborating with our customers to capture future energy-saving business opportunities.“

About TSMC Solid State Lighting:

TSMC Solid State Lighting Ltd. (TSMC SSL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, Inc. (NYSE: TSM), the acknowledged semiconductor dedicated foundry segment leader with market capitalization exceeding US$95 billion. TSMC SSL offers leading-edge solutions to lighting customers that combine TSMC’s expertise in semiconductor manufacturing and rigorous quality control with its own integrated capabilities spanning epi-wafers, chips, emitter packaging and extensive value-added modules and light engines.

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