News-Spot | Business News | Jan 04, 2013

VTT and Lumichip Announce joint LED Company Investment

Simpler and more cost-eective methods are needed in LED lamp manufacture. VTT Ventures Ltd and Lumichip Ltd are pleased to announce a joint investment in Finnish LED technology company LightTherm Ltd that uses its innovative materials and heat management solutions to introduce novel design and manufacturing capabilities for LEDs. LightTherm’s electro-thermo-mechanical technologies provide higher light output, leaner sizing and lighter weight in its products for the LED replacement lamp and luminaire industry.

The estimated global market for LED lamps is over US$20 billion, with more than 1 billion units due for manufacture in 2013. LED technology still faces some challenges, particularly where high light output is required from small compact light units. The major diculty with LEDs is the heat sensitivity of used components and materials. Overheating can shorten the lifespan and eciency of the LED, while light output falls below product optimal specication as temperatures rise.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland produces high-level technology solutions and innovation services for its customers. VTT Ventures Ltd supports companies exploiting new technology, from business plan through to funding.

LightTherm Ltd is VTT’s new spin-o company, whose innovative LED interconnection solution can yield better thermal characteristics and cooler semiconductor junction temperatures. This capacity for better thermal eciency management will have a major impact on the lifetime of LEDs. Combined with new materials for lamp body production, substantial cost savings can be achieved through reduced materials, manufacturing simplicity and total production automation.

“The high thermal management eciency of this technology enables signicantly higher light output – for example from replacement spots – than is currently available anywhere in the LED market,” says Dr. Juha Rantala, Chairman of Lumichip Ltd. “LightTherm materials, device construction and manufacturing processes give exibility in design, and will enable the manufacture of entirely new lighting applications for both consumer and industrial luminaires. We believe this will change completely the way in which LED products are manufactured in the future.”

LightTherm's technologies are based on years of development, characterisation and lifetime tests carried out at VTT Technology Research Centre of Finland, which provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services. “We are pleased to co-operate with a partner such as Lumichip to take this very innovative and promising technology to the industrialisation and commercialisation phase,” says Antti Sinisalo, CEO of VTT Ventures Ltd.

LightTherm's founding team consists of Petri Nyman, Ville Moilanen and Kimmo Jokelainen. CEO and cofounder Petri Nyman has extensive experience in start-ups, as well as in the management of growth companies. Co-founders Ville Moilanen and Kimmo Jokelainen have a research background with VTT and have been instrumental in developing the core innovations behind this new technology.

About VTT and VTT Ventures:

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is the largest multi-technological applied research organisation in Northern Europe. VTT provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services. The mission of VTT Ventures Ltd is to extract value from VTT technology by developing the international growth potential of VTT-based high-tech companies. VTT Ventures, together with its public and private innovation partners, provides entrepreneurs with professional business development support to facilitate the spin-o process, from business planning through to funding. VTT Ventures co-invests in its spin-os with private investors. The goal of VTT Ventures is to stimulate innovation in Finland and to receive a return on its pre-seed and seed capital investments. For more information see

About Lumichip:
Lumichip is a leading provider of customised LED lighting components. Lumichip designs, manufactures and markets proprietary LED components and specialised COB devices, and oers custom designs and manufacturing services for high power LED light engines, special luminaires and multi-wavelength modules for lighting and industrial applications. The development and manufacturing operations in Asia and Europe provide customisation and service support for its worldwide client base. For further information see

About LightTherm:
LightTherm is an ODM designer and manufacturer of thermally highly efficient LED structures, components and designs. LightTherm’s patent pending technologies enable the use of new materials in LED luminaires and LED engine components, resulting in greater design and manufacturing freedom and high quality light and lumen output from all its designs. LightTherm operates with customers and partners globally.