News-Spot | Business News | Nov 21, 2013

Weidmüller and Haeusermann Agree on an Expertise Partnership

Haeusermann GmbH and Weidmüller, two leading providers of innovative solutions in the field of power electronics and device connectivity, are entering into a technology partnership. Both companies have agreed to work closely together in the specification of connection solutions for power electronics.

Customer benefits are the key focus in the expertise partnership - from component design and production to implementation, and throughout the lifecycle of the component. “Taking into consideration the increasing requirements in the high-current field and the related challenges for our customers, establishing a link between PCB technology and connection technology is a logical step towards optimising the overall system”, says Jörg Scheer, Head of the Weidmüller Division Device Connectivity, describing the joint goal of the partnership. Christoph Jarisch, CEO Haeusermann adds “Together with Weidmüller, we support our customers with comprehensive expertise in individual design-in support and with short development times. The close alignment of PCB and connectivity also improves, for example, cost efficiency without comprising on performance and reliability”.

Stefan Hörth, HSMtec Product Manager at Haeusermann reports: “From specification sheets to development to design to approval to series production – with the integration of high-current PCB and connectivity, customers are optimising the result, while at the same time reducing both the project costs as well as the time-to-market“.

HSMtec PCB technology from Haeusermann allows for the selective integration of large copper cross-sections in standard FR4 PCBs, thus integrating high-current flows up to 400 A with ultrafine conductor structures on one circuit board. This not only results in an increase in the current-carrying capacity while minimising the space required for high-current conductor tracks, but also a reduction in the overall costs incurred in logistics all the way through to quality assurance. Other advantages include standardised production and further processing as well as combining high current with 3D PCBs.

As a leading partner in Industrial Connectivity, Weidmüller also offers comprehensive Design-In competence for power and signal interfaces in and on the device, in addition to tried-and-tested connection technology for power electronics. For power electronics, this means a high performance and overload capacity as well as continuous scalability up to 100 kVA. A further advantage is that only a small amount of time and money has to be spent on the project effort as a result of simpler approval processes (e.g. 600 V in accordance with UL or for IT networks in accordance with IEC 61800-1-5) as well as safe EMC application. The designer also gains more space on the PCB and the front of the device. Production also benefits from more efficient manufacturing processes, which simplifies intuitive operation and speeds up installation and service.

About Haeusermann:
With the manufacture of PCBs and membrane keyboards, we have developed from being a pioneer in PCB production into a leading high-tech company. Our company’s success is based on reliability, timely deliveries and technological expertise. Our ability to respond flexibly to requirements and to provide individual technical advice makes us a strong partner for companies in the fields of industrial electronics, control, measurement and instrumentation technology, EMS (Electronic Manufacturer Services), medical technology, telecommunications and entertainment electronics. Our PCB portfolio ranges from HDI/Microvia and Multilayer through rigid-flex and double-sided PCBs to HSMtec PCBS. This technology is particularly suited to applications which make use of high current and which require efficient thermal management.