Business News | Jul 29, 2010

With LightFair 2010, Toshiba Entered the US LED Lighting Market

Toshiba Corporation and Toshiba International Corporation (TIC), announced its official entrance into the North American lighting market with the launch of the innovative E-Core™ LED product line. The E-Core™ line along with E-Core™ prototype technologies for the global market, which include the lighting industry’s brightest LED products, were unveiled at LIGHTFAIR® International, May 12-14 in Las Vegas. Toshiba’s exhibit demonstrated its commitment to promoting advances in next-generation lighting, and to leading the way in establishing LEDs as energy-efficient, cost-saving lighting that address the needs of energy management solutions.

The E-Core™ product line for North America features an extensive lamp line and a high-efficiency LED downlight fixture line. The lamp line, which includes six reflector lamps in three colors and two A19 bulbs in two colors, features high brightness and energy efficiency in compact designs. The downlight line includes six models available in four colors, in which the brightest model reaches a luminous flux of 1250 lumens.

Alongside these ready-to-market products, Toshiba demonstrated unsurpassed LED performance achieved by its wide ranging capabilities.

Exhibited technology prototypes included:
• LED bulbs with an industry leading 1690 lumens performance and a 260° lighting angle
• GX53 Self Contained Round Units with a total luminous flux of 2000 lumens, which have the flexibility to easily switch LED units and achieve superior brightness levels from high ceilings
• Surface-mount ceiling lights that integrate a highly efficiency LED and a power circuit that produces 120 lm/W, surpassing the efficiency of fluorescent lights
• LED flood lights that can light up tall buildings and bridges with the same central luminosity as metal halide lamps.

The North American launch is part of Toshiba’s global commitment to advance energy efficient lighting. In line with this global commitment, its effort to reduce the carbon emission impact of incandescent bulbs, and its plan to redirect existing resources toward the expansion of LED lighting, Toshiba ended production of general-use incandescent bulbs in March, a product Toshiba was first to manufacture in Japan and has produced for 120 years.

Toshiba chose TIC, Toshiba’s infrastructure business arm in the United States, to distribute LED lighting to North America in an effort to leverage TIC’s infrastructure systems business to provide comprehensive energy management solutions. TIC’s product lines include: SCiB™ rechargeable batteries, smart grid solutions, photovoltaic systems, transportation systems, premium efficiency motors, and more. TIC furthers its efforts to provide energy management solutions with its LED lighting business, which meets the emerging demands of the commercial, industrial and residential markets.