News-Spot | Business News | Jun 06, 2013

Xicato Aims to Inspire Better LED Lighting with New Website

Xicato, a leading provider of LED modules for retail, hospitality and specialty lighting environments, today announced the launch of its new website. Utilizing the site’s significantly enhanced, content-rich user interface, the lighting design community can explore applications from around the world, search and select from hundreds of different luminaires, and access lighting information that supports the lighting design practice.

For luminaire manufacturers, the new site offers an unparalleled library of “design-to-solution” documentation and files prepared by Xicato’s Applications Team. The collection includes application notes, optical, thermal and driver electronics information and CAD and rayset files—everything necessary to facilitate the development and delivery of luminaires that offer the color and consistency expected from Xicato-based solutions. Xicato believes that providing as much information as possible for both the lighting design and manufacturing communities will foster significantly increased confidence in LED solutions.

“True quality of light is about achieving the environment you set out to create—be it comfortable, whimsical or dramatic,” noted Joanna Brace, vice president of marketing and business development at Xicato. “By putting a host of aesthetic and technical information at everyone’s fingertips, we can significantly speed the creativity-to-result timeline. The new website reflects Xicato’s objectives by helping designers deliver beautiful, high-quality light, with true color and consistency, to the world.”

Xicato’s Luminaire and Application galleries remain a focal point for designers and luminaire manufacturers alike. By presenting and connecting light, luminaires and lighting results from around the world, the galleries provide a photographic journal of what’s possible and simplify the identification of proven solutions. The galleries’ filters allow selection by type of lighting, by environment and even by solutions that Xicato has thermally validated. Thermal Validation qualifies luminaires for Xicato’s Five Year Color Consistency and Lumen Maintenance Warranty.  Introduced earlier this year, the warranty is an industry first, both in scope and in its underwriting by Munich ReInsurance.

About Xicato:
Xicato is passionate about light. Light has an emotional effect on people and a direct impact on business profitability. It ultimately influences everything in our lives. Xicato is a recognized leader in creating LED modules that provide superior aesthetics, economics and durability. Xicato aspires to be the trusted partner of the global lighting design community and luminaire manufacturers.