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Xicato’s Luminaire Thermal Validation Program Ensures Light That Looks Great, Stays Cool

Xicato, a leading provider of LED modules for retail, hospitality and specialty lighting environments, today announced that for the first time, lighting designers and specifiers can, with a single click on Xicato’s website, identify a broad range of thermally validated luminaires. Fixtures submitted to Xicato’s Luminaire Thermal Validation Program are physically tested in “worst case” scenarios. “Our goal is to make sure the lighting community has access to a wide range of luminaires that they can confidently specify. Testing is the key,” said John Yriberri, Director of Worldwide Applications Engineering at Xicato. A white paper, LED Modules: Turning Up the Light, Taking Off the Heat, provides a straightforward explanation of thermal measurement and performance.

“We make the program available to OEMs at no cost, and we see it as being a crucial differentiator, for our customers and for us – in part because only validated luminaires qualify for our Five Year Color Consistency and Lumen Maintenance Warranty,” said Yriberri. Xicato is the only company publicly offering a color consistency warranty to luminaire manufacturers due to its Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® and the thorough testing that’s required for luminaire validation.

The luminaire thermal validation process, while fairly simple to execute, utilizes precision measurement equipment and thermal chambers designed by Xicato to control the ambient environment (see photo) and ensures that module specifications for temperature are maintained below the maximum value even in worst case scenarios. Luminaire manufacturers, specifiers and designers can view Xicato’s video showing the complete testing process. Validated luminaires can be viewed by visiting the Luminaires Gallery on the Xicato website and checking the appropriate box under “Show Filters.”

Today, hundreds of luminaire variations from dozens of manufacturers have received thermal validation from Xicato. In February 2013, Xicato introduced its color consistency and lumen maintenance warranty as a natural outgrowth of the thermal validation program. The warranty – an industry first – is underwritten by Munich Reinsurance Co. based on their evaluation of Xicato’s Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology®, product qualification and manufacturing processes and field reliability proven over five years.  

About Xicato:
Xicato is passionate about light. Light has an emotional effect on people and a direct impact on business profitability. It ultimately influences everything in our lives. Xicato is a recognized leader in creating LED modules that provide superior aesthetics, economics and durability. Xicato aspires to be the trusted partner of the global lighting design community and luminaire manufacturers.


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