News-Spot | Business News | Mar 13, 2012

Farnell element14 Stocks the Velve Development Kit for OLED Designs

Farnell element14 is the first distributor to stock Verbatim's Velve Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) development kit, adding to its already comprehensive range of solid state lighting products, technologies and know-how that includes high power LEDs, LED modules, power supplies and drivers plus thermal management, optical and interconnect solutions.

Supplied in a protective case with easy-to-use software, the Verbatim Velve kit is designed to enable lighting designers to quickly evaluate the benefits and wide range of effects offered by OLED lighting. These include tunable colour (RGB) light, exceptionally fast response times, wide viewing angles, excellent colour reproduction and contrast levels, and high Brightness. OLED technology is highly compatible with the growing demand for extremely thin and lightweight lighting designs. Low power consumption makes it especially useful in battery powered portable applications, and also addresses the environmental demand to maximise efficiency and minimise energy use in fixed applications.


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