Business News | Sep 05, 2012

NXP's Low-Cost 15W Flyback LED-Driver is Now Available from Arrow Electronics

This non-dimmable, high-efficiency (up to 88%), up to 15W- Flyback or Buck-Boost LED driver is the first member of our digital GreenChip platform. That enables two modes, either High PF Mode with low THD values and a bigger elcap or low ripple mode with small elcaps (majorly EMEA, class C or compliant with IEC61000-3-2 exception clause).

• Accurate constant current control without opto coupler (primary side sensing), ± 1.5% line regulation
• Smart Digital Control (SDC) for two modes: high PF (>0.95), low THD (<20%) or low ripple (<1%), small elcap
• Low BOM count (typ. 18 components), low system costs (<1.5 US$), small footprint

• LED spots
• LED downlights
• Wall sconces
• LED tubes
• LED retrofits

“Smart Digital Control is an important step forward for LED lighting, opening new possibilities as we introduce optimized algorithms for very high performance levels while reducing system costs,” said Stephane Curral, vice president and general manager, power and lighting solutions business line, NXP Semiconductors. “By offering a digital core within a traditional analog system, we’re making it easy for engineers to fine-tune and achieve the right balance between efficiency, current regulation and system cost for their specific LED designs – with more flexibility compared to pure analog solutions.”

The SSL21101 is a single-stage solution designed to drive LED devices in flyback or buck-boost configurations with very high efficiency – up to 90% depending on the application – and with highly accurate control of the output current. In the SSL21101, the Smart Digital Control feature offers two modes optimized for specific regional regulatory requirements. In High Power Factor mode, the PF rating is higher than 0.95 and the total harmonic distortion (THD) is limited to under 20%. The Low Ripple mode lowers the LED current ripple below 1% and makes it possible to use smaller electrolytic capacitors, enabling very compact designs.

Featuring a high level of integration and functionality in a small footprint, the SSL21101 includes a high-voltage power switch as well as a circuit that enables start-up directly from the rectified mains voltage, and is equipped with a complete set of protections. The SSL21101 enables finished applications using as few as 18 components, resulting in a very low bill of materials. Additional product information is available at: or at and the Arrow sales offices.