News-Spot | Business News | Jul 06, 2015

Schukat's Offers "All-in-One" LED Lighting Bundles

Customers who want "all-in-one" lighting bundles benefit from time savings and customised product kits, bringing together LEDs from Bridgelux, heat sinks from MechaTronix, MeanWell power supplies, accessories like heat transfer compounds and LED holders and the expertise needed for heat sink calculations. With these bundles, Schukat offers a new kind of supports to their clients.

Customers receive valuable support with selecting and coordinating the various components for their particular LED application, all the way to a complete package solution. Facilitating this package are our long-term collaboration with MeanWell together with new partnerships with MechaTronix and Bridgelux, with additional partners to come.

MeanWell is responding to the demands of the lighting market with special LED switching power supplies, for example their DALI-Bus controllable LCM-25DA, LCM-40DA and LCM-60DA units. The MechaTronix cooling elements have been part of our range for several months, while the Bridgelux products represent more recent additions; the company manufactures high-power, low-cost LEDs with compact designs. Currently available are the ready-to-fit COB (Chip-on-Board) LEDs in Bridgelux's Vero® series, which can be operated across a wide current range independently of the application. A special feature of these units: reliable operation is guaranteed at up to twice the rated current.

Choosing standard components available in our LED lighting range offers true advantages: They are available quickly and simplify the design-in process – as a customer, this saves valuable time. The ModuLED series from MechaTronix with mounting holes, for example, is an ideal complement to the Vero® model range, or to the Pin Fin series for rail-mounted LED lighting systems or tiltable spotlights. All products are now in stock.

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