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News-Spot | Business News | May 16, 2013

Solid State Supplies Now Offering LED Engin’s Compact White LED with Halogen-Style Dimming

Solid State Supplies has announced immediate availability of LuxiTune from LED Engin, a leader in high lumen density LED products. LuxiTune is the first intelligent, compact, single emitter, LED capable of true halogen-style dimming from bright 3000K midday light down to a warm 1800K evening colour. Ideal for the entertainment, hospitality and high-end residential sectors, it provides a professional-grade LED replacement for halogen down lights where warm colour dimming is desired.

LuxiTune is comprised of a 12-die, compact single emitter with intelligent control circuit and complementary TIR optic. Designed to be driven from a 24V supply yet providing the equivalent light to a 60 W halogen lamp, LuxiTune reaches a luminous flux of 1100 lumens measured from the secondary optic meaning an efficiency of 63 lm/W, far higher than that of rival products that utilise multiple emitters and reflectors.

At full intensity LuxiTune achieves a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90 and maintains a CRI average of 85 and R9 red content of 70 as it dims. Smoothly hugging the black body curve to within three MacAdam ellipses (SDCM), it produces consistent, natural light across the full dimming and CCT range.

LuxiTune features built in control circuitry with support for 0 to 10V and a DMX control, which makes it quick and easy to create a compact lighting unit with advanced dimming effects and high performance.

Specially designed optics are available in 24°, 32° and 45° beam angles, and are recommended to maximise the performance of LuxiTune. The lens design facilitates uniformity over angle, maximises lumens in the beam, while minimising glare and producing a gentle roll-off profile at the beam edges.

LuxiTune features LED Engin’s unique, multi-layer ceramic substrate, which is designed to minimise thermal resistance of the package and provides an almost stress-free environment for the chips. These features ensure effective heat dissipation, maximum light emission, colour point stability and long service life.  

Samples of LuxiTune are available for immediate shipment from Solid State Supplies, along with technical advice and development support.

About Solid State Supplies:
Solid State Supplies supports UK electronic equipment designers and manufacturers with best-in-class technologies from some of the world’s most innovative component makers.
Our products are focused on two main areas: embedded processing and connectivity (wired and wireless), and power semiconductors and modules. We represent a limited number of suppliers in order to provide outstanding technical and commercial support. These suppliers include leading global brands and smaller niche companies that offer products with exceptional performance in specific applications.
We serve customers in military and aerospace, industrial and medical electronic equipment markets. Our inventory is UK-based for fast, reliable delivery.
For more information on Solid State Supplies, please visit:


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