News-Spot | Business News | Jan 03, 2013

XLamp XM-L RGBW – Now Available from Forge Europe

The new XLamp XM-L RGBW is an extension to Cree Inc.’s range of combined red, green, blue and white LED emitters. Packaged as a 5mm x 5mm square component, the XM-L RGBW is made up of four individually addressable LED chips that enable extensive colour mixing potential.

XM-L RGBW is 60% smaller than the previous MC-E RGBW, which allows for the design of more compact light sources with greater optical control and more effective colour mixing.

In terms of light output the XM-L LEDs deliver up to 89 lumens for royal blue, 214 lumens for green, 229 lumens for red and 272 lumens for white at 1000mA.

For further information please visit or contact the sales team on +44 (0)1229 580000.