News-Spot | Event News | Aug 05, 2015

11th International LED Systems, Technologies, Applications & LED Lighting Exhibition

Led & Led Lighting Exhibition to be held in Istanbul Expo Center on October 01st – 04th, 2015 is getting ready to meet with its exhibitors and visitors. Led & Led Lighting Exhibition drawing the attention with LED Competition and LED Conference organized simultaneously with the Fair maintains the quality of being the single LED Fair followed by the sector with interest.


Led & Led Lighting Exhibition greets the leading companies in the sector and will enrich its exhibitors with the innovations and solutions that they will contribute in 2015. Except for the innovations that they will contribute, continuation of the developments and innovations concerning the exhibition result in major interest by the exhibitors to the fair.

The Great Prize in LED AWARDS is 5,000 TL

LED Awards which is one of the most important activities bringing the LED and LED Lighting sector together will be organized in the sponsorship of Pelsan simultaneously with Led & Led Lighting Exhibition on October 01st – 04th. LED Awards, which shall bring together the important domestic projects related to LED and LED Lighting, will distribute great awards to its exhibitors.

In the LED Awards having all products with LED together with any kind of product with regard to LED Lighting, sector companies, company owners, employees, related persons in the sector, academicians and students of the related departments will have the chance to promote their projects.
The project issues of LED Awards prepared to impress in the sector have been specified as follows:

LED/OLED Production

  • Optic characterization (cd/m2, K, Ra)
  • Electrical characterization
  • Material Alternatives
  • Packaging

LED Product Design and Development

  • Technical and Decorative Qualities
  • Place of Use and Applications
  • Production – Cost Analysis
  • Innovative Design
  • Other

The exhibitors and the ones having a degree in the awards will be delivered great prizes. The first: 5,000 TL, the second 3,000 TL, the third 1,500 TL money prizes will be given. Besides, surprise presents will be delivered to those having a degree in the projects. Along with this, through “Project Exhibition” within the contest, the project owners will have the opportunity to promote their studies to all the industrialists and academicians interested in LED.

LED Conference, the 7th of which will be organized this year, will carry on with keeping the pulse of the sector. LED Conference which is the sole discussion platform in LED sector of Turkey is preparing to introduce even more features to its discussion topics and thus bring together a larger number of respective persons as well as those who are just curious, in 2015.  

The session topics and moderators of LED Conference this year are as follows:

  • LED Chip and LED Product Manufacturing / Prof. Dr. Suleyman OZCELIK
  • OLED and OLED Lighting / Assoc. Dr. Canan VARLIKLI
  • LED Systems (Lamp + Fixture) / Assoc. Dr. Mehmet ARIK
  • LED Usage in Outdoor Lighting: Light and Color Pollution / Prof. Dr. Rengin UNVER
  • Recent Status of the LED Road Lighting: Expectations, are we ready? / Prof. Dr. Sermin ONAYGIL

11th Led&Led Lighting Exhibition which addresses LED Lighting, LED products and the developments in the LED Technology will come together all stakeholders in the industry such as industrialists, academicians, applicators and end-users in the 7th Led Conference for which VESTEL is the Platinum Sponsor.


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