Event News | Jun 11, 2015

2015 Photonics Festival in Taiwan Reveals the Next Stage of Taiwan Photonics Industry

Taiwan photonics industry is expected to create a production value of 2.1 trillion NT dollars this year. Among all, LED components, solar cells, LCD panels and optics components productions all rank top three in the worldwide market and also make Photonics Festival in Taiwan (PFT) to be one of the important photonics exhibitions globally.


The 24rd PFT platform, which combines the OPTO Taiwan, LED Lighting Taiwan, Solar Taiwan, Optics Taiwan, Display Taiwan. Nanotech Taiwan, and the concurrent Plant Factory Taiwan, is going to be inaugurated at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall on June 16th, 2015.
502 exhibitors with 1011 booths are expected to demonstrate the best of Taiwan photonics industry for explore enormous business opportunities.
The organizer Photonics Industry & technology Development Association
(PIDA) invite 25 groups of international buyers and conducts 150 buyers meeting to create business opportunities. It is expected that more than
25000 visitors will come to the venue.


It is noteworthy to mention that 2015 is declared by the United Nation as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies to promote improved public and political understanding of the central role of light in the modern world. Echoing this prominent event, PFT has set up specialized zones related to technologies such as plant factory, biophotonics, photovoltaic, 3D printing, and nanotechnology to promote green life, ecological awareness, and sustainability.



Taiwan LED industry continues its influence to local economy and worldwide LED market. It is estimated by Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association, a non-profit organization in Taiwan, that the production value of Taiwan LED components in 2014 was able to reach 4.7 billion US dollars with market share of 24% globally. Although the future remains bright, Taiwan LED companies are relentlessly looking for new applications that can further widen their leading edges in the worldwide competition. Among all, UV/IR LED surfaces as a top choice for the next stage LED development.


This June, the LED Lighting Taiwan, held along with Photonics Festival in Taiwan, will once again show the vigorousness and strength of Taiwan LED industry. PIDA has invited leading LED companies such as Epistar Corporation, Lextar Electronics Corporation, Lite-On Technology Corporation, Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., Opto Tech Corporation, EPILEDS Co. Ltd, SemiLEDs Corporation, and TSLC Corporation to join forces in the UV / IR LED zone to demonstrate their latest products and technologies.



Taiwan optics industry is renowned for its dominance of optical lens for mobile devices. Driven by the launch of new products by major handset brands, and the demands for precision optical components, Taiwan’s precision optics industry outshined others in 2014 to increase the annual production value by nearly 20% with an production value of about NT$ 97.7 billion. PIDA and Taiwan Optics/Optronics Manufacturers’
Association team up to present the unique Precision Optics exhibition and affiliated seminars in Taiwan to explore the emerging internet of vehicles, optical inspection, and machine vision.



In order to promote the image of 3D printing in Taiwan, PIDA and Additive Manufacturing Association of Taiwan (AMAT) particularly set up a“3D Printing Zone” in Photonics Festival to show the 3D printing technology. This is an effective platform for helping you to promote your 3D printing solutions to global buyers. Besides, PIDA and AMAT jointly held the annual event of 3D printing industry: International Symposium on Additive Manufacturing 2015 to disclose exclusively the new killer application and development trend of 3D printing technology.



Since 2003, Nano Taiwan Exhibition has been held for 12 years. The number for audiences and booths increases year after year. The National Program on Nano Technology (NPNT) office held the Nano Taiwan 2014 exhibition and a series of activities at Taipei World Trade Center Hall
1 from Oct. 2th to 4th, 2014. It is the one and only largest exhibition for nanotechnology in Taiwan.


Starting 2015, the Nano Taiwan expo, funded by the government previously, is handed over to PIDA to be integrated into its world renowned PFT show held in June annually. Nanotechnology will be the basic and imagination breaking material technology to nurture the future photonic system products what have been advocated by PIDA.



The 18th Outstanding Photonics Products Award and 2nd Top Solar Award are presented this year to honor 11 winners and three outstanding solar systems respectively. The awards are true reflections of the progress made by Taiwan manufacturers during the past year. All the winning products and introduction of them will be display at the theme pavilion of PFT.



Plant factory creates demands for hardware equipment and also environmental control system integration opportunities; from the perspective of the industry, market and application, plant factory combines different fields such as photonics, construction, agriculture, livestock to enable cross-industry cooperation. The PIDA-hosted Plant Factory exhibition seeks to help the industry look for successful implementation of the commercial models, and to combine culture and creative ideas to enhance the industry value.


The 4th International Plant Factory and Agriculture Facilities Exposition will be held along with Photonics Festival in Taiwan. The exhibition stresses the importance of LED applications and expands its reach into forestry, fishery, animal husbandry applications/business opportunities. The exhibition comprises demonstrations of different types of LED plant factory, latest industrial development, opportunities for cooperation, making Taiwan the leader in the worldwide market.



Photonics technology has actively facilitated the establishment of information society, however, it is now going through a transition to help create a more ecology-awared society, or the so-call green energy society. In the international year of light, Taiwan photonics industry should exploit the opportunities to turn into a “Total Solution@One-stop Shop.” Service. PFT is the perfect platform for local industry and global buyers to realize their goal.