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Edison Opto Gives Preview of 2013 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

The Taiwanese leading manufacturer in high power LED market, Edison Opto, will participate in the 2013 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and showcase their latest LED products (from components, modules to high/low bay). The debut of Edison Opto’s new products will demonstrate their professional integration and development abilities from upstream to downstream. By that time, Edison Opto is expected to attract the attention of customers of lighting industry.

Edison Opto is about to release high voltage (HV series) components, such as Federal 3535(1W/1.5W), Federal 5050(4W) and PLCC 5730(0.5W). The high operating voltage (from 24V to 220V) can reduce the complexity of the circuit and mechanical design. In addition, the compact sizes of HV series facilitate the optical and package design so that the volume and cost of luminaires can be dramatically reduced. At present, cool white and warm white are available, and the CRI of all series components are higher than 80. Federal HV series are applicable to candle light, GU 10 and so on. While the PLCC HV series can be applied in LED light bulb and tube light as the light sources of residential lighting, commercial lighting and office lighting.

Furthermore, Edison Opto has recently developed four types (Federal 3535/Federal 5050/PLCC 5730/EdiPower) of blue emitters which can be used with remote phosphor. Compared with the traditional coating methods, remote phosphor technology can increase the uniformity of light and reduce the color shift (can control color temperature easily). The expected efficacy of lumiaires which use blue emitters with remote phosphor can reach 120lm/W. With different translucent structure (panel / dome and so on), remote phosphor series components are suitable for down light, light bulb and candle light.

Edison Opto has recently introduced a variety of AC modules, such as ceiling light module, down light module and T8 tube light module. The traditional LED is operated with DC supplies; however, the indoor electricity generally uses AC. In order to make LED operate properly, users have to convert AC supply to DC supply by using voltage transformers and rectifiers, but that will increase the volume, weight and the cost of products. Compared with the traditional LED, Edison Opto’s AC modules don’t need to connect external driver, so that it can help to reduce the circuit cost and the size of luminaires. As a result, users have more flexibility in luminaire design. All the Edison Opto’s modularized products will be showcased in the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition.

Industry Lighting:
Recently, Edison Opto has launched the new generation 50W low bay which features high efficiency and lightweight (only 2KG). The light source of 50W low bay is Edison Opto’s high lm/$ ET-3535 components. Under 50W operation, the low bay can reach 4000lm and it has the advantages of energy efficiency and long life time which can replace 250W mercury vapor lamp or 150W HPS (high pressure sodium). Edison Opto’s 50W low bay now provides two angles─50° AL reflector and the floodlight PC reflector. Because the wattage and angle are smaller, 50W low bay can be installed in 3 to 5 meters height indoor space, such as warehouse lighting, commercial lighting and gymnasiums.

Edison Opto will be exhibiting at 2013 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition from 9 Jun to 12 Jun, 2013, in China Import & Export Fair Complex. To answer this high profile lighting event, a brilliant stand dedicated to LED lighting technology and unique LDMS lighting design solution service will be constructed to exhibit an astonishing array of power LEDs and SSL (solid state lighting) applications. Please come to visit us at stand A19 in Hall 10.2, and experience the latest developments in LED lighting technologies.

About Edison Opto:
Edison Opto has established the headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan since 2001. Edison Opto is a professional LED manufacturer which specialized in designing and producing High-power LEDs. In order to satisfy customers’ high standard requests for quality, Edison Opto established a LM80 approved laboratory which is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Edison Opto creates the LDMS service program, which integrates the four essential technologies in LED lighting applications (Thermal Management, Electrical Scheme, Mechanical Refinement and Optical Optimization), and provides customized professional design and production services, covering components, optical design, modules and products. In response to the rapid growth of capacity demand, Edison Opto has established factories in Dongguan and Yangzhou. Besides, in order to expand the service domain, Edison Opto has established subsidiaries in USA and Germany. Based on the worldwide service network, Edison Opto provides customers with complete product support and prompt delivery services.
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