Event News | Oct 16, 2017

Full Support By the Government Leads LED Expo to Focus on Making India Energy Efficient

The exhibition announces Future Zone promoting Intelligent & Smart Lighting solutions for the nation - Once at a novice stage, efficient lighting solutions commonly known as LED lights is a market that is now ready take India to a leading spot in the global LED bulb market. *The total turnover of the Indian lighting industry was INR 20956 crores in 2016, out of which LED contributed to INR 11399 crores, which is more than 54%.

According to recent statistics, **India sells around 770 million LED bulbs per day, clearly projecting that the country will soon become the LED capital of the world. With India showing such tremendous progress in this sector, LED Expo becomes the most appropriate show that has the potential to offer innovative and efficient lighting solutions to industries of all categories. This exhibition in New Delhi is scheduled to be from 30 Nov – 2 Dec 2017 and is strongly supported by government and industry associations like Make in India, Electronics India, Digital India, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, LACMA - Luminaire, Accessories, Components, Manufacturers Association, Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA), Indian Building Congress, and Solar Energy Society of India.

The government has been taking some major efforts to change the lighting practises of the country. ***It is estimated that LED Lighting will be around 70% of total lighting in 2017 and may be more than 80% by the year 2018. This shows that LED lights are slowly making their way out of people’s house and are being used on a large scale in commercial and public places like parks, streets, metro stations and parking lots. Supporting the government’s initiatives this edition of LED Expo, follows the same agenda on making India more energy efficient by bringing over 290 companies from India and foreign contingents like USA, UAE, China, Germany, Korea, Finland, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to showcase technological advancements in the this sector. Covering 15823 sqm of space, the three day event has always played an important role in bringing the innovators, industry heavyweights and decision makers from commercial and retail sector, town planners, architects, interior designers, government bodies and energy service companies together for networking and business.

Apart from the advanced lighting solutions displayed at LED Expo, this exhibition announces the launch of Future Zone, a platform presenting smart and intelligent lighting solutions to the Indian and international audience present at the event. The platform is geared up to showcase “next gen technology” like smart lighting, smart switches and controls, wireless keypads, dimmers, decorative lighting and networking devices. In simple words, the lights displayed here will have dimming capabilities and the ability to be controlled by an external network or an app when the person is not in vicinity. Other equipment and “never seen” before technology in the LED sector are expected to help business visitors get a better idea of the growth potential in the industry. Looking at the present situation where majority of the houses, public and commercial infrastructures are still being operated manually, introducing Future Zone at LED Expo could be a game changer in the energy conservation system of the country.

Trends like smart cities, smart homes, buildings and retail are already penetrating deep in our lifestyle. Keeping the momentum going, the 17th edition of LED Expo will open up opportunities, advantages and a chance of exploring diverse application areas that LED lights can offer to other industries. The nation’s foremost exhibition on LED lighting products and technologies will be held in hall numbers 8 – 12A, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

For more information about the event, please visit http://www.theledexpo.com/