Event News | Jun 28, 2017

ILLUMINO TRONICA: Technologies and New Applications at Your Fingertips

From 12th to 14th October at Padua, Illumino Tronica is the unique Italian exhibition able to represent the evolution of the technologies for smart homes and smart cities. In particular, it focuses on the world of building automation, LED lighting and safety. Illumino Tronica is a professional appointment where to meet up with technicians and experts on the world of building automation integration and where to explore and experience it. This is what we call “visible technologies” as they relate to the visual perception of the signals, following the technological line of IoT – Internet of Things.

Illumino Tronica is a strong and dynamic trade show able to gather more than 6500 operators (2016 data) from all over Italy and not only. It is an unrivaled community event and also a technological update. Moreover, thanks to the participation of organizations and delegations from Germany, Spain, Poland and China, it has also become an international meeting. 

Since it was set up, Illumino Tronica has chosen to be more than a simple exhibition and, for the 2017 edition, it is opening different special areas dedicated to safety, LED lighting, the smart city and the smart home. It will be rich in ideas, like the temporary store where it will be possible to purchase an accurate selection of the newest technological innovations. 

Moreover, there will be a lot of professional courses to keep operators and professionals up to date and opportunities of discussion among experts, testimonials and audience, like talk shows, workshops, arenas, demo areas and practical drills. They will focus on the positive impact that new technologies have on our daily life, from correct lighting to privacy protection, from energy efficiency to human centric technologies.

News for the 2017 edition
The 2017 edition is focusing on the needs revealed by a recent survey carried out by the Internet of Things Observatory of the Polytechnic University of Milan. The survey revealed that over 30% of the projects for smart homes needs an active safety system.

How? By giving prominence to the video surveillance and the privacy sectors and by giving the possibility to visitors to meet a pool of experts that will verify, free of charge, if they are up to date with the privacy policy. From May 2018, in fact, sanctions will be applied! 

Not to mention the news in the Start-ups field: during focused meetings, technology and business experts will provide useful suggestions to start-up companies and newcomers. In this contest, Illumino Tronica will select the most innovative start-ups and will show their projects and innovative solutions in a dedicated area.

Illumino Tronica 2017 is, therefore, exhibition that doesn’t follow the common exhibition standards, but that breaks the rules creating a real educational and informative path able to lead the visitor in a innovative experience. 

Thematic areas:

  • Safety: video surveillance and privacy – a dedicated area for the innovative solutions for the integrated video surveillance in accordance with the privacy policy. 
  • Urban technologies: the solutions for the smart city – from urban lighting to traffic and parking management, from safety to communication: all the ingredients to build up a citizen-scale city.
  • Smart home with no emissions and waste – a two-floor house where it will be possible to experience and see the implementation and the integration of the latest technologies.
  • A jump in the future, with start-up companies – a selection of innovative Italian start-ups in the field of building automation, eHealth and, in general, of the Internet of Things.
  • A connected world: from the Internet of Things to the Internet of Beings – an exhibition area where to discover the newest technologies in the IoT field.
  • Trading Post: new business opportunities – for those in search of distributors, salesmen or representatives, it is an area dedicated to one-to-one meetings with the foreign companies.