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LED professional Symposium +Expo 2013 - The Hub for Innovation and Developments in LED & OLED Lighting Technologies - September 24th to 26th

The international LED professional Symposium +Expo (LpS) has established itself as the leading LED and OLED lighting technology event in Europe. Over 1,000 visitors are expected to come to the third annual LpS event on September 24th to 26th, 2013 in Bregenz, Austria. The markedly extended program and exhibition will offer an even deeper and broader spectrum of information, knowledge and topics for discussion.


Lectures:  From the Light Source to Implementation

A total of 46 lectures will be presented by international experts on the topics of Solid-State-Lighting, LED and OLED light sources and implementation solutions.  The presentations cover the subjects of Solid-State-Lighting from LED and OLED light sources to solutions in the area of implementation.  Pars Mukish, the Market and Technology Analyst at Yole Développement, will be taking up the issue of “OLED for Lighting” on the first day of the event.  Contrary to OLEDs in the area of displays, their role in the lighting industry is still in its infancy.  They have potential for the future but will have to compete with established LED technologies in the area of Solid-State-Lighting.  Mr. Mukish sees the biggest challenge as identifying the spark market that allows technology to develop a production scale momentum and create a marketing window that demonstrates the advantages and possibilities of the technology to consumers.

Matteo Meneghini from the University of Padova will give insights into one of his areas of research, namely: “Degeneration Mechanisms of High Power LEDs”.  In the course of an extensive study together with his research team he examined the most important degradation mechanisms.  He and his team carried out stress tests over thousands of hours in order to see the effects of the operating current and storage temperature on electro-optical properties.  The results can be used to improve the design of advanced light sources for Solid-State-Lighting.

Two tracks are dedicated to drivers and controls that is one of the core themes this year.  Stefan Zudrell-Koch, the director of strategic marketing and business development at Dialog Semiconductor will be giving a talk on this subject titled “Digital Processing Techniques in Retrofit Lamp Driver ICs”.  Today, off-line AC/DC LED drivers are dominantly operated and controlled by mixed signal control ICs; the first generation of digital power management ICs. IC technologies with a substantially higher scale of integration are available at low cost today. They allow for large-scale integration and substantially more complex logic structures to be implemented compared to today’s solutions. Digital systems offer free configurability. These new systems are enabled with unprecedented performance, flexibility and ease of use. Mr. Zudrell-Koch will demonstrate how such technologies help master challenges in retrofit lamp design, drive cost reduction, and make LED lamps future proof.

Workshops: From Design to Standardization

Six workshops are being offered in two parallel tracks.  The workshops offer detailed analyses in the areas of Reliability and Thermal Testing, Standardization, 3-Dimensional System Designs and Optics, Printoptical Technology, Computer Supported Design of LED and OLED Systems as well as Qualification and Reliability.  On Day 1, Mentor Graphics is offering a workshop titled “Reliability & Thermal Testing”.  The workshop explains how the junction temperature depends on both the LED package and the system on which it is mounted. Attendees learn how thermal performance of LED packages and systems can be measured and characterized for reliability improvements.

On Day 2, Underwriter Laboratories (UL) will hold a workshop on the topic of standardization.  Here, the development of standards, IEC updates, energy efficiency programs (ES, LF, DLC, ErP), Zhaga updates, lighting controls and RoHS updates will be shown.

Day 2 is also host to the LPKF and Essemtec workshop on 3-Dimensional System Designs and Optics.  Participants will get a complete overview of an innovative production process for creating three-dimensional LED layouts for a wide variety of lighting sources (SSL, automotive lighting, etc.). Each LDS process step from the selection of thermally conductive materials, functional LDS coating of the heat sink, laser structuring, dispensing of glue or solder paste for fixing the LED on the substrate to the final 3D placement of the LEDs on components will be discussed.

Following that, there will be a workshop entitled “Printoptical Technology” presented by LUXeXcel.  Printoptical technology makes it possible to produce 3-dimensional optics with which lenses and light distribution structures are made.  The changes in the lighting industry that this new production technology brings will be discussed.

The last day of the symposium will also host the “Design Workshop” from Arrow, NXP and Transim.  Deep-seated knowledge in the areas of component data and system elements such as cooling devices, optics and electronics that is needed for the design of LED lighting systems in order to be able to attain the necessary light requirements will be discussed. Participants will get an overview of modern simulation and configuration tools that are designed to improve R&D performance, quality and costs processes.

Cree will also be running their workshop on the subject of  “Testing” on the Day 3.  This will be a discussion of step-by-step improvements of an existing luminaire design. Participants will learn how to differentiate and make use of several experimental runs based on CREE TEMPO test results to optimize their luminaire design process.

Exhibition and Tech-Panels

More than 80 international companies will be presenting their newest products and developments on 2000 m² of exhibition space in the “Werkstattbuehne”.  Over 1,000 visitors are expected this year that will have the chance to find individual solutions to their problems and to talk face to face with the leading companies in the business.

This year the Tech Panels will be open to the public.  Dietmar Zembrot (President of LightingEurope and CEO of TRILUX), Klaus Vamberszky (Executive Vice President of Technology at Zumtobel), Christian May (Head of Business Unit Lighting and Flexible Integration at Fraunhofer), Matteo Menehgini (Ph.D. Professor at the University of Padova) and Henk Veldhuis (Chair of the Technical Advisory Working Group of the Connected Lighting Alliance) will be discussing “LED & OLED Lighting Innovations- How to Break Through” on September 24th.  To round off the LpS 2013 there will be a discussion by the international press on the subject of “Lessons Learned”.    In order to make the Tech-Panels even more inter-active, they will be online live.  This will make it possible for those not able to attend personally to take part in the discussions in an online chat room.

Evening Events – Light Art Project & Get-Together Event

On the first evening, Zumtobel will be presenting an innovative light installation at the newly opened Vorarlberg Museum.  At the same time, Peter Kogler, a well known artist, will be using the museum’s façade for his light show.

On the second evening there will be live entertainment and dinner on board the MS Vorarlberg.  The relaxed atmosphere offers our guests an excellent chance to network.

More information about the event can be found at www.LpS2013.com.


Information + Registration:

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6850 Dornbirn, Austria, Europe 
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Background Information


Bregenz is located on the shores of Lake Constance and is one of Austria’s leading cultural and leisure areas and is at the same time at the heart of Europe. It is the capital city of the state of Vorarlberg and the seat of the provincial government with a population of 28,000. The area is known as a high tech region in the heart of Europe and is only a 2-3 hour drive from other technology hubs in northern Italy, France and Germany.  Vorarlberg borders on Germany, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Bregenz can be reached directly by rail and the airports of Altenrhein, Friedrichshafen and Memmingen. The major airports of Munich, Zurich and Stuttgart are less than a two hour drive away.


Event Location

Festspielhaus Bregenz

Platz der Wiener Symphoniker 1
6900 Bregenz



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