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LpS 2019 | Event News | Oct 01, 2019

LpS/TiL 2019 - Europe's Foremost Lighting Conference Discussed Latest Lighting Trends

Last week saw the co-hosted LED professional Symposium +Expo (LpS), Trends in Lighting Forum &Show (TiL) and for the first time the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) Summit return to Bregenz, Austria. The three international conference and exhibition events were carefully curated to bring together a unique blend of award winning industry talent including; architects, planners, lighting designers, scientists and technologists.

Continually relevant in the lighting world today is the interdependence of technology, human centric design and more acutely, sustainability.  LpS 2019, TiL 2019 and DALI Summit 2019 together serve to incite conversations and knowledge sharing to enable the lighting industry to evolve in the complex global environment.

The combined three day events presented delegates with the opportunity to interact with an extensive selection of keynote speeches, panel discussions, lectures and workshops crossing disciplines and sectors of industry.  Another insightful aspect to the event was a press conference and CEO + INFLUENCER panel allowing promulgation of news, industry opinion and key expectations for the coming years in the lighting industry.

Picture: Lecture from Osram

Picture: Exhibition

The exhibition hall was awash with start-ups and global industry giants simultaneously showcasing the latest developments in interoperability, sustainability and digital technologies. Delegates could appreciate the complementary nature of wireless technologies, driver manufacturers, Internet of Light controllers, luminaires, digital communication devices and 3D printers to name a few.

In his keynote address Mark Ridler - Head of Lighting at BDP, gave delegates an insight into his methodology behind the journey ´lighting an idea´, “to have a central idea that drives the brief and the concept, and for human concerns of all the people that interact and intersect with your project, to understand their needs and concerns and to marry those two together that then can be used as a lodestone that takes you throughout the entire design journey.”

Picture: Sarah Toward (Luger Research, Moderator), Mark Ridler (BDP), Horst Rudolph (Trilux), Keith Bradshaw (Speirs + Major)

Representing the latest research in chronobiology
Marijke Gordijn - CEO at Chrono@Work “one of the major findings of the last year is that we have projections from the retina to several brain areas, not only to the biological clock, but there are direct effects of good light during the day on mood.  If you have higher light intensities during the day you will be more alert and we also now know that this makes you sleep more deeply during the night thus improving the mood the next day.”

An expert in LED light sources Menno Schakel - Technical Marketing Engineer at Nichia Chemical Europe presented a world breaktrough to delegates “a tunable wide 2 in 1 single LES package which we hope will give designers new tools for human centric lighting luminaires enabling smaller, easier designs for the future.”  On industry challenges for the future “as an industry we have had LED innovations but is contained within the industry and this doe not always translate well to the end consumer.  The biggest challenge we face is to smooth this transition to the customer outside the lighting world.”

Picture: Women in Lighting Panelists @ Trends in Lighting (TiL)

Looking to 2020 the objective for LpS, TiL and DALI will be to continue to offer attendees the opportunity to explore the latest technologies and their application to lighting in a forum that encourages exploration of potential and value. The aim is to create an environment to inspire expert debate that shapes the future of the lighting industry.

LpS/TiL 2020 will take place in Bregenz, Austria September 22-24.

Picture: Organizers looking forward to the 10 year anniversary in 2020

Note: Photographer Matthias Rhomberg


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