Interview | Jun 18, 2015

Nobel Prize & Global Energy Prize Winner Prof. Shuji Nakamura Explains the Future of SSL Technology

In an exclusive interview with Siegfried Luger, the publisher of LED professional, Nobel Prize & Global Energy Prize Winner, Prof. Shuji Nakamura presented a clear roadmap of how solid-state lighting technologies will evolve over the next few years. He also gave his view of winning approaches and explained why he thinks this way.

This exclusive interview will be published in the 50th issue of LED professional Review - LpR 50. Full-digital subscribers will receive the digital version by July 15th (PDF and ISSUU). The printed issue of LpR 50 will be delivered by the beginning of July.

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Interview in Sankt Petersburg, Russia at the Global Energy Prize Event: Professor Shuji Nakamura (right) and Siegfried Luger (left)