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Novel Coronavirus: Impact on the 5th CIE Expert Symposium on Color and Visual Appearance

CIE is well aware of the novel coronavirus situation in China which is impacting upon Hong Kong and other regions. This brings a layer of difficulty in confidently holding the event in Hong Kong. A survey has been created to help us in the planning for this event.

It is likely that the novel coronavirus situation will be managed by April, however it is well understood that now is the time all are preparing to travel to the event and are reconsidering to travel to Hong Kong.

In spite of this unpleasant situation CIE is making the effort to ensure that this CIE event takes place. CIE's local hosts and others are working together to make available alternate ways to participate, including attending the various parts of this event online (both oral and poster presentations) and/or possible postponement of the event to some other date. As written above, a survey has been created to help all involved partners in planning this CIE event and your participation in this survey would be of great help.

CIE and its partners still look forward to your participation, your presentation(s) and discussions at this CIE event, whether in person (in April or at a later date) or online. And lastly, your patience and understanding about the difficulties associated with the organization of this event is appreciated.

If you had been considering attending this CIE event or have already registered, then you are kindly asked to complete this survey in the coming days but no later than Friday, February 28, 2020.

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