Event Post Show Report | Oct 02, 2017

Successful Premiere of the Combined LpS & TiL 2017 Events

The organizers of LpS 2017 (LED professional Symposium +Expo) and TiL 2017 (Trends in Lighting Forum & Show) were proud to welcome world-renowned lighting experts, companies and organizations to the first combined lighting event at the Festspielhaus in Bregenz, Austria.

In total, there were over 1,600 visitors, more than 130 exhibitors and around 100 speakers at the shows, focused on a number of lighting topics that included Human Centric Lighting, Connected Lighting, Smart Controls, IoT, Light as a Service, Agriculture and Healthcare to name just a few. Future visions, innovative technologies, trend insights and research findings were shared in over 100 lectures and multiple workshops and forums. Moreover, the LpS exhibition and TiL show invited visitors to come in and experience light like never before.

A special highlight were the keynotes, which focused on the prominent trends: Connected Lighting, Human Centric Lighting and Digitization of Buildings. Delegates learned from the world’s foremost expert in Solid-State Lighting, Fred Maxik, industry trailblazer Jan Denneman, Vice President of Philips Lighting, Digitization professional Akshay Thakur, Business Development Manager at CISCO, and Modern Architecture specialist Helmut Kinzler, Architect at Zaha Hadid Architects.

The workshops gave participants hands-on experience and the chance to explore light and its possibilities. Workshops were carried out and led by such internationally renowned organizations as EPIC, Photonics21 and Bluetooth SIG. They covered a range of subjects including miniaturization, LiFi, and the potential of Bluetooth and IoT. One highlight from the series of workshops was the session focusing on perception psychology and the effects of light on human performance, emotionality and physiology, given by international light designers Bartenbach.

The very best technology, product, equipment or service in the field of Solid-State Lighting was honored with the LpS Technology Award and the very best system, design, solution or service was given the TiL System Award.

ams AG with their product AS7221 Tunable White IoT Smart Lighting Manager was the winner of the LpS Technology Award. The AS7221 is a controls IC that exhibits various functions in a small footprint, making it highly innovative. The combination of a tri-stimulus sensor with a UART bridge to the IoT infrastructure for building smart lighting systems is an especially unique feature. In combination with its reasonable cost, this IC can have considerable impact on the market; fostering the development of cost effective smart lighting systems.

volatiles lighting was the winner of the TiL 2017 System Award with the following system: VOLATILES displays the combination of diverse technologies such as IT, RGB lighting, pixel controls and touch technology in a neat, new, lighting system. Due to the novelty of its appearance, operation and control options, the system could provide new impulses to the lighting application market.

The LED professional Scientific Award was given to the best scientific paper. The winner was Dr. Ekaterina Nannen from the NanoEnergieTechnikZentrum (NETZ) at the University of Duisburg-Essen. In her paper, Ekaterina Nannen deals with alternative techniques for light generation. Combining Light Emitting Electrochemical Cells (LEC) with quantum dots, her work has a notable degree of novelty. Starting from the current state-of-the-art of LEC, the author describes the modification using quantum dots and its effect. Experimental setup and results are described and discussed. Although quantum efficiency is quite low in the current state of fundamental research, the paper generated an important impact on further research and development. 

“LpS 2017 and TiL 2017 was a truly immersive experience, which helped to close the gap between application, design and technology. Light quality, digitalization, Human Centric Lighting and Connected lighting were the striking key trends,”  Siegfried Luger, Event Director.

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