Event Post Show Report | Oct 19, 2017

The First TiL 2017 Successfully Illuminates the Future of Lighting for Over 1,600 Visitors

The eagerly awaited Trends in Lighting 2017 saw over 1,600 visitors, including designers, architects, technicians and consultants, from every aspect of lighting, gather for three insightful days of debate and discussion. TiL 2017 met the industry’s expectations by bridging the gap between application, design and technology, and allowing experts to share ideas about, and experience the future of lighting.

The international delegation, including representatives from Zumtobel, Toshiba, Philips, Dyson, Fulham and Osram took part in over 100 lectures, workshops and forums, given by the world’s most celebrated and admired experts in light design and applications.

Over the three-day event, the prominent speaking points in regards to the future of lighting became clear and were reflected in the speaker sessions, workshops and the networking discussions on the exhibition floor.

A Connected Reality
The subject of connectivity, the IoT, and the role ‘smart lighting’ could play in delivering this future ‘connect vision’ has been a hot topic in lighting for many years. At TiL 2017 the innovations that create a connected world became a reality, as multiple speakers and exhibitors, including Bluetooth, CISCO, Zumtobel and OSRAM, all showcased and demonstrated their solutions. This recognized future, sparked conversations and divided responses throughout the forum attendees. The subject of connectivity has evolved from can we connect lighting, to a conversation about whether and to whom it is of value. But most of all, why? The topic of how lighting can be part of this connected future without sacrificing light quality; the human experience of light and our security was also discussed.


Is It Time to Focus on Human Needs Instead of Efficiency?
Another core theme was that of Human Centric Lighting. Delegates heard from leaders in lighting and light design including Philips, Zaha Hadid Architects, The Global Lighting Association and The Lighting Science Group, all of whom raised questions about the new role lighting now has to play. With so many possible solutions available to lighting designers and architects, the question is no longer about finding a technical solution. It is now a question of finding a solution that is the best for our wellbeing. Another topic discussed was how we can, as an industry, transition from a sector that is no longer focused solely on light efficiency into a sector that is now responsible for generating quality lighting that enables people to live better lives.


The Debate Rolls On
With these huge questions being asked of lighting, the delegates needed guidance from those expected to shape and define the industry and its future. On day two an expert panel, consisting of the world’s foremost experts in architecture, lighting design, the global lighting industry, science, and research, all took to the stage to discuss the ‘future of light’. The panel reflected on the following subjects: How important will light quality be in the future? How will digitization influence lighting in the future? They then disclosed their individual visions for the future of lighting systems. As the debate gained momentum it became clear that all the different areas of expertise inside lighting held one common goal for the future; they wanted to keep talking in order to secure a valuable and successful future for lighting. They also all wanted a future where connectivity was a reality, but a reality where humans needs were first and connectivity was second. A future that is beneficial to everyone.


Award Winners Announced
volatiles lighting was the winner of the TiL 2017 System Award with the following system: VOLATILES displays the combination of diverse technologies such as IT, RGB lighting, pixel controls and touch technology in a neat, new, lighting system. Due to the novelty of its appearance, operation and control options, the system could provide new potential to the lighting application market.


TiL 2018 Will Be a Must Go
TiL 2017 was a truly immersive experience. It gave the industry the impetus to ask the really tough questions of itself. Light quality, digitalization, human centric lighting and connected lighting were the key trends, but TiL 2017 proved we have so much more to do.

“TiL 2017 was a huge success and we will continue to grow the event to meet the needs of delegates, exhibitors and the lighting industry and research as a whole. It was an event designed to bridge the gap between application, design and technology, and we have successfully done that.

This year highlighted the need for us to all come together, to share ideas and to support each other because the future of lighting and its impact on the world is bigger today than ever before.” Siegfried Luger, Event Director

Join us in experiencing these points and many others on 25 - 27 September 2018 at TiL 2018 with a special focus on Connected Lighting. www.trends.lighting