Event News | Aug 22, 2017

Turkey; Land of Opportunity in Lighting - LED Technology and Internet of Things Steer the Lighting

The technological developments in lighting sector direct the interests of global companies abroad to Turkey while providing the domestic companies to grow. In this direction, İstanbulLight, a commercial platform that constitutes business contacts with the new markets brings Turkey the location of lighting center between East Europe, North Africa and Middle East.

The lighting sector that has been in competition with the manufacturers of Far Eastern in the production of energy saving LED products makes serious moves to forge ahead by means of innovative R&D applications of brands in market and technocities. The LED luminaries with no bulbs, especially the IOT (Internet of Things) based smart lighting systems which ensure energy efficiency in streets and boulevards are the leading technological lighting applications developed in Turkey.

The sector keeps going to attract global market’s attention while continuing to grow in Turkey by means of the continuous developed LED products via the Internet of Things (IOT) and R&D studies. The lighting equipment formalized according to the intended uses of the structures by operating as integrated with the automation systems have been started to be used frequently in the structures like hospital, hotel, airport, etc. in Turkey for over the last few years.

The market is growing up via the environmental products
Especially the municipalities and the public sector made important strides in the direction of preparing the necessary background toward the usage of LED products. The regulations of Turkey related with the usage of conventional light sources has been started to change. The environmental and energy saving products in the market via the new regulations will become more widespread. There has been already a serious change in the street lighting side with 15 million LED street luminaries. There are really serious reinforcements of the government in the direction of being changed of all road and street lightings with the LED products.

The projects worth billions bring light to lighting sector
Another opportunity for the lighting sector of which magnitude is over 2,3 billion dollars is the construction sector. It turns the interest of the lighting companies both in domestic and in abroad that being the projects of under development and in the tender process yet to Turkey. There are also projects in the tender process as well as 10,3 billion Euro cost İstanbul 3rd Airport and 4,5 billion TL cost İstanbul Finance Center projects of which constructions are still continuing. The projects of Canal İstanbul, Restoration of Haydarpaşa Station, 3-Storey Bosphorus Transition Tunnel, Ataköy Marina and Haliç Port with total cost of 16,9 billion dollars which are planned to be completed in the next few years create a big business volume for the lighting sector.

Besides, 425 thousand new residences, huge city hospitals planned to be constructed on the area of 150 thousand meter square, international convention centers which will be built in 3 big cities, Sinop and Akkuyu nuclear power plants which are planned to be completed until 2023 are taking parts between the important projects that support the lighting sector to be grown.

Turkey will be the regional power in lighting
Engin Er, the Brand Director of İstanbulLight, who indicated that the lighting sector is focused on 2022 said; “We gathered the sector under the roof of İstanbulLight Fair and Congress of International Lighting & Electric Materials by purchasing the fair of Led & Lighting which has been organized since 2007 in accordance with the targets that we have been predicted for Turkey”. Er continued his statements as follows: “İstanbulLight continues to take firm steps forward by increasing the number of participant companies and visitors and by incorporating the new segments concerning lighting in every organized year. We aim for this year more than 200 companies of which career corner, lighting designing, electrical materials and equipment and the foreign country pavilions on the area over 15.000 m2 to participate. Thereby, we will become to take considerable steps for positioning Turkey as the center of lighting between the countries of East Europe, North Africa and Middle East.”

İstanbulLight in which the latest innovations and technologies in the lighting world with “Life is Light” motto and renewed content will be held on 21-24 of September 2017 in İstanbul Fair Center with the corporations of Lighting Turkish National Committee (ATMK) and the Association of the Manufacturers of Lighting Equipment (AGİD).





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