Business News | Dec 03, 2012

ISA 2012 General Assembly Held in Guangzhou on Nov. 5th, 2012

On November 5th, 2012, more than 75 leading Solid State Lighting industry players, academic experts and NGO representatives from around the world gathered in Guangzhou, China, to participant in the ISA 2012 General Assembly. With the mission to rally the global SSL industry with global initiatives, efforts and resources to accelerate and foster the development of the global SSL industry and applications, ISA has achieved remarkable growth in various working groups and developed 68 members since the establishment in 2010.

This year's general assembly has been designed to encompass several subjects, ranging from organizational report, working progress from five working groups, and release of new chapters of Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), Global Solid State Lighting Outlook (GSO), Global SSL Showcase Top 100, Global SSL Events of the Year 2012, Global Student SSL Contest, and followed by ISA 2012 BRICS E3 SSL Summit and TCS Second Meeting. Planning for 2013 activities and programs as well as the time and location of ISA 2013 Working Meeting has been discussed in group meetings in the afternoon.

The meeting started by ISA president Madame WU Ling’s welcome remark, followed by the comprehensive report on ISA 2012 Annual Report by ISA Secretary General Mr. Ruisheng Yue. In the Membership Certificate release session, four member representatives, Osram GmBH, Instrument System and Formosa Epitaxy received the ISA Membership Certificate from Madame WU Ling.

In the second half of the morning session, ISA Director Mr. Bing-Jye Lee gave the overview on the ISA Fourth Executive Member Meeting held on Nov. 4, followed by detailed report on SRA by Prof. Guoqi Zhang, TCS by Mr. Mark McClear, GSO by Mr. Olivier de Saint Leger, Global SSL Events of the Year 2012 (EOY) by Mr. Hari Mamak, Global SSL Showcase Top 100 (Top 100) by Mr. Warren Julian, Global Student SSL Contest (GSC) by James Wallace and preparations for BRICS E3 SSL Summit by Mr. Moowhan Shin.

In the afternoon session, acknowledgements and award ceremony for SRA, GSO, Top100 and EOY were held, followed by group discussion by ISA members. The ISA members gave insightful suggestions and comments on the 2012 ISA Annual Report, as well as various major outputs. In the afternoon group discussion, members actively exchanged opinions and views on the priorities and programs for 2013.  In the summary session, the facilitators from each group gave comprehensive wrap-up of the group views on various development issues and suggestions.

ISA Secretary General Mr.Ruisheng Yue concluded the General Assembly with sincere appreciation for all members’ active participation and valuable suggestions for how to make ISA a better platform for our members, for the global SSL industry development, and for a more sustainable & green society.

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