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AG DALI Restructures to Improve Workflow and Becomes DALI

Controllable lighting systems are the key for energy saving in building and outdoor lighting installations with the additional benefit of increased comfort and safety. One of the best known solutions is DALI. DALI stands for ”Digital Adressable Lighting Interface” and identifies a digital interface for intelligent lighting management that is in international use across the lighting industry.

Due to the increasing demand in energy saving, lighting control systems like DALI will become much more important. With the aim of further optimisation in workflow and efficient standardisations as well as a well-defined focus on excellent performance of DALI based systems, the AG DALI confirmed a stronger organisational structure and a new wording. On November 23, the extraordinary general assembly stated new rules for the new working party DALI. The working party will act under the statutes of the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association ZVEI based in Frankfurt am Main.

The assembly elected a new board. Peter van der Kolk, HELVAR OY AB, has been confirmed in his position as chairman of DALI.

Further board members are:
Raf Brouwers, Philips Lighting B.V., Deputy Chairman
Dr. Thomas Dreier, OSRAM AG
Karl-Heinz Fenkart, Tridonic GmbH & Co. KG
Kay Pawlik, Erco GmbH
Joachim See, Schneider Electric SA
Bernd Siebel, Insta Elektro GmbH
Michael Spall, BAG electronics GmbH
Norbert Wittig, Panasonic Electric Works Vossloh-Schwabe GmbH

Two working groups will be established: ”Marketing/Promotion” and ”Technical/Logo Licence”. Standardisation is done by IEC committees.    

About DALI:
DALI offers a lot of advantages: few components, little wiring and simple programming. It allows manufacturers around the world to offer addressable and dimmable luminaires and systems. Moreover, it provides compatibility between DALI products from any other manufacturer.
DALI components are produced worldwide by many manufacturers based on the IEC standard 62386. The working party DALI initiated a test system that offers the highest possible system quality to the lighting industry. Manufacturers can test their DALI products under predefined conditions through special test hardware and software. The test system frequently receives updates to incorporate the latest enhancements and additions of the DALI standard. The test system is available to all members of AG DALI and ensures the interoperability of DALI products.

DALI • ZVEI - German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association • Division Lighting • Lyoner Straße 9 • 60528 Frankfurt am Main • Managing Director: Dr. Jürgen Waldorf • Phone +49 69 6302-350 • Fax +49 69 6302-400 • E-mail


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