Business News | Sep 16, 2011

Analysis of the Cost of Goods Sold for Leading LED Lighting Products, Forecasted from 2010-2015

Research and Markets, the leading source for international market research and market data, releases its latest report on a costs analysis of goods sold for leading LED lighting products. This special report examines the major components and modules in LED lights, packaging and material trends, LED comparison costs over time, and the manufacturing supply chain and assembly trends.

NVR's long-standing experience in tracking electronics assembly by OEM, EMS, and ODM supplier, is expanded to include leading LED OEMs along with the major subcontracting alliances and partnerships being established today. As a result, PCB and box assembly trends as a percent of total manufacturing costs for the leading LED lighting applications are quantified. Finally, estimates on the LED lamp assembly revenue per region are predicted, along with the percentage of in-house versus outsourced manufacturing of finished goods.

Report Highlights:
• LED Technical Trends
Major Components and Modules of LED Lamps
LED Lamp Manufacturing Process
LED Manufacturing Supply Chain
Transition within Lighting Industry Structure
• LED Cost Trends and Industry Structure
LED Cost Factors in General Lighting, 2009
LED Lighting Cost per Kilo Lumen over Time
General Lighting LED BOM, 2010 & 2015
LED Materials and Package Types, 2010 & 2015
LED Chip Count per Lamp, 2009–2015 (Units)
• LED Market and Forecast, 2010-2015
Total LED General Lighting Lamps, 2009–2015 (M Units)
Total LED Lamp Assembly Value, 2009–2015 ($M)
PCB and Box Assemblies % of Total LED Manufacturing Costs
• Outsourcing and Manufacturing Trends
CM Production of LED Lamps, 2009–2015
ODM Production of LED Lamps, 2009–2015
OEMs and Subcontractors for LED Lamps, 2010

Randall Sherman is the president of New Venture Research Corp., a California market research and business consulting firm focused on the EMS and OEM electronics manufacturing industries, and serves as a principal analyst for this report. Mr. Sherman has more than 20 years' experience in technology and business research. He began his career as a telecom network design engineer. He has held senior positions at various market research firms including Creative Strategies and Frost and Sullivan. Mr. Sherman obtained his undergraduate degree in Astrophysics and holds two master's degrees - an MSEE from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the Edinburgh School of Business.

Frank Klomp is the principal consultant of Alerta Marketing Intelligence (AMI), a research consulting firm, located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and serves as a principal analyst for this report. He has over 20 years' experience specializing in creating marketing intelligence, enabling marketing strategies, and delivering business development for high-tech companies. Mr. Klomp previously held senior marketing intelligence positions at Assembléon, formerly Philips Electronic Manufacturing Technology, and other divisions of Philips Electronics. He studied Business Administration in the UK and the USA, and earned a master's degree in International Economic Relations at the University of Amsterdam.

You can also avail of the supporting excel spreadsheet file and a PDF file containing profiles of 140 leading LED lighting suppliers. Please visit our product pages or contact us for further information.


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