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News-Spot | Business News | Dec 12, 2012

Brazilian Authorities Approve DEKRA as a Certification Body for the INMETRO Mark

DEKRA has been accredited by the Brazilian governmental body INMETRO to use its Testing and Inspection Services for conducting quality assessments and granting the conformity certification of products according to national and international standards. From now on, DEKRA can also issue the recognised INMETRO mark.

One of INMETRO's key aims is to ensure the quality and safety of goods and services. Many electrical products are required to carry the INMETRO mark under Brazilian law.

This accreditation by Brazil’s National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO) means that DEKRA can now offer INMETRO testing and registration, thus allowing companies exporting to Brazil to comply with the relevant regulations. DEKRA’s Export Support Services division is specialised in arranging international approvals.

As Brazilian standards are broadly consistent with IEC standards, DEKRA can combine certification (Conformity Assessment) for Brazil with the issue of certificates for marks such as KEMA KEUR, DEKRA GS, CE and the Chinese CCC. Combining certification activities in this way eliminates duplicate testing and hence improves market entry efficiency for internationally active customers.

DEKRA can identify which products are affected by specific Brazilian requirements and provide the correct testing and certification services accordingly. The scope of product categories includes consumer appliances, active medical devices, IT equipment, plugs, circuit breakers, lighting ballasts, power tools and audio & video equipment, as well as products used in potentially explosion-sensitive environments. All these testing, inspection, auditing and certification activities are an integral part of the DEKRA Certification Group, formerly known as KEMA Quality.

The INMETRO marking scheme includes annual factory audits of product manufacturers. These assessments, which must be carried out by the certification body, address aspects of ISO 9001 or ISO 13485 (Medical) as well as routine checks or inspections during the manufacturing of electrical products.

About DEKRA:
DEKRA SE is one of the world’s leading expert organisations. The company currently runs activities in more than 50 countries. About 28,600 employees are committed to ensuring long-term safety, quality and environmental protection. The DEKRA Business Units “Automotive”, “Industrial” and “Personnel” provide professional and innovative services in the fields of vehicle testing, expert appraisals, international claims settlement, consulting, industrial testing, product testing, certification, environmental protection, qualification as well as temporary work. In 2012, DEKRA generated sales totalling approximately 2.15 billion euros.

Brazil’s National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (in Portuguese, Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Qualidade e Tecnologica or ‘INMETRO’) was created by law in December 1973, to support Brazilian enterprises and to increase their productivity and the quality of goods and services. Its main task is to improve the quality of life of citizens as well as to strengthen the competitiveness of the economy through metrology and quality standards. INMETRO's General Coordination for Accreditation division is called Coordenação Geral de Acreditação (Cgre).


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