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EPIC Activity Report 2015

EPIC has seen another record year of very powerful growth in its membership which now counts more than 240 members across 28 countries. Yesterday, EPIC published their annual activity report for 2015.

"I commend EPIC on all of its achievements, for being the voice of the photonics industry in Europe, and for creating and organising a range of highly efficient and effective meetings and providing other extremely valuable activities that benefit the members of the association. We are proud to note that our membership survey confirms 85% of our members find access to EPIC’s market reports of utmost benefit, and we are glad to continue providing access to a wide range of presentations, technology roadmaps, and industry reports. EPIC also attended and actively contributed to 39 events and exhibitions, and organized 16 workshop and networking events. This activity report highlights the successful outcome of all the hard work and effort put into establishing and maintaining a leading photonics community within Europe. We should all feel proud to count ourselves among the membership of this world-class organisation."

Drew Nelson, President

"EPIC member companies sell around the world, so we success- fully created a new buyer delegation that met with members in Munich. Thanks to its success, we are replicating this idea in the

United States and China in conjunction with major international events. This will help us maintain our focus on building networks around the globe. I am pleased to announce the organization of several new partnerships moving forward this year:

  • EPIC is partnering with GDLIA (Guangdong Laser Industry Association) on the creation an EU-Asia Laser Industry Summit that will alternate locations between Shenzhen and Europe.

  • EPIC has accepted the invitation to join the ISA association (International SSL Association).

  • The LUX consortium from Singapore travelled to Europe to express its desire to actively engage EPIC

    members because they are recognized for developing leading-edge technologies.

  • The 21st meeting of the IOA (International Optoelectronics Association) meeting will be hosted in Europe with the support of Swissphotonics.

  • We continue to strive to support the photonics community with the organization of the European Photonics Venture Forum and help our members engage in funded research programs.

EPIC’s business meetings successfully reached the next level with speaking invitations given by key market presenters. We greatly appreciate the contributions of experts such as Kunihiko Washio who shared his insight on the Japanese laser market, Allen Nogee who presented a report on ultrafast lasers, and Tom Pearsall who shared his views on the European photonics industry. Speaking on behalf of EPIC and our members, I know we are all looking forward to the exciting new opportunities that lie ahead in the coming year."

Carlos Lee, Director General

"I was pleased to have joined the EPIC team and support the development of a strong photonics industry in Europe. EPIC will continue to actively promote the implementation of photonics in

many new and exciting applications, and we look forward to hosting sessions at end-user and application events. You will hear from me in the coming months as I engage members in workshops, technology roadmaps development, article publication in leading industry media, and more. Together in 2016, we will harness the potential provided through the photonics PPP and build new technology-driven and application-driven consortia. Never hesitate to contact me if you think I may be of assistance with market data, introductions to companies, or brainstorming technical possibilities. I have a real passion for photonics technologies and all of its amazing applications!"

Jose Pozo, Director of Technology and Innovation

Read the full activity report here...


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