News-Spot | Business News | Feb 19, 2014

European Energy Intelligence - Information About EU Activities in Respect to Energy at Your Fingertips

European Energy Intelligence has developed an new online service that taps into the information streams coming out of the key European Institutions, analyses them, organises and then presents them in a way that allows subscribers to access them. Simply, quickly and efficiently.

Emanating from many sources and delivered in many different ways, it is hard enough to monitor the political and legislative activities of Europe’s Commission, Parliament and Council of Ministers; and to keep abreast of all the Directives, Agendas, Reports, Rulings, Parliamentary Questions and Answers, Keynote Speeches and Press Releases. When all the output of the important Committees such as ITRE, and the various Directorates, such as DG ENER is considered too, there is a potentially overwhelming tide of information. All of it potentially vital to the future of your organisation.

Conceived to make sense of it. Organised by topic of interest. Designed for clarity. Engineered for simplicity and ease of use. The Energy Infocenter is updated daily to provide a menu-driven, user-friendly and cost-effective way for subscribers to identify documents of interest and access them.

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