Business News | Jul 30, 2010

GETTING SSL TO MARKET : 2007 DOE Solid-State Lighting Program Planning Workshop

Rapid advances in solid-state lighting mean high efficiency products have begun to appear on the market. DOE's workshop this year (January 31- February 2, 2007 Phoenix, AZ) will target strategies to accelerate market introduction of these high-performance solid-state lighting (SSL) products.

  • Top invited experts in lighting design, manufacturing, and venture capital will share their perspectives on the rapidly evolving SSL market.
  • DOE-funded researchers will discuss technology advances and future priorities that will guide upcoming solicitations.
  • Government and non-government energy efficiency programs will share insights, lessons learned, and ways to move SSL to market.

Join us to learn how your organization can participate with DOE to accelerate SSL R&D advances and successful market introduction. Your input will guide DOE program planning and help to shape the future of lighting in the U.S. , contributing to our nation's energy independence, technology base, and economic competitiveness.

Attendance is open to all companies, universities, research institutions, trade associations, and national laboratories that meet the domestic eligibility requirements of the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPACT 92).

Preliminary Agenda (PDF - 16KB)