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Instrument Systems Publishes Technical Handbook on LED and SSL Metrology

With its "Handbook of LED and SSL Metrology", Instrument Systems is publishing a comprehensive technical manual on the optical measurement of LED and SSL products. The work is suitable for beginners as well as experienced specialists. Not only does it cover the basics of LED and SSL metrology, it also provides detailed insights into the requirements of all current applications in the growing LED market.

In the book's nine chapters, authors Dr. Günther Leschhorn (Head of Product Management at Instrument Systems) and Dr. Richard Young (former Chief Scientist and currently external consultant for Instrument Systems), describe everything necessary to understand light metrology. In particular, this includes basic terms, definitions and standards, the properties of LEDs and SSL products, an overview of suitable measuring instruments and accessories as well as in-depth application knowledge on various fields of operation. Over 100 illustrations and tables visualize the subject matter.

Comments from the specialist press:
"In this extensively updated edition of the “Handbook of LED and SSL Metrology”, the authors stay abreast of changes due to the introduction of LEDs. They explain, in a coherent way, all one needs to know about metrology in general as well as the specifics of SSL metrology. In short, it is a book every lighting specialist dealing with measurement should have on his or her bookshelf." - Arno Grabher-Meyer, Editor-in-Chief, LED professional

"The “Handbook of LED and SSL Metrology” is a truly exciting work in that it crosses the need of a broad set of participants in the LED space. Newcomers to LED lighting can use the book to quickly develop a knowledge base while experienced industry participants will find ongoing value in the book as a constant technical reference on their bookshelf." - Maury Wright, Editor-in-Chief, LEDs Magazine

The "Handbook of LED and SSL Metrology" will be available at the end of February under the following ISBN numbers:
ISBN 978-3-86460-643-4 (paperback, EUR 40),
ISBN 978-3-86460-644-1 (hardcover, EUR 78) or
ISBN 978-3-86460-917-6 (e-book, EUR 39.99)

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