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International Solid-State Lighting Alliance (ISA) - Annual General Assembly Meeting in Beijing

From November 14th to 18th the International Solid-State Lighting Alliance (ISA) hosted several meetings in conjunction with the ChinaSSL conference (13th China International Forum on Solid State Lighting) in Beijing, China. The Awards for Outstanding Achievement for Global SSL Development 2016 were given to Professor Russell D. Dupuis and Professor Harald Haas.

ISA is an international and not-for-profit organization, registered in Hong Kong, aiming to promote the sustainable development and application of Solid State Lighting (SSL) worldwide. ISA currently has 85 members with more than 4,000 associated members, representing 70% of the output of global SSL industry. ISA members consists of almost all the major players of the global SSL community, including leading industry, academic and application entities.

The annual award for Outstanding Achievement for Global SSL Development 2016 was given to Prof. Russell D. Dupuis and Prof. Harald Haas.

The award was handed over by Mr. Shuben REN, Director of Department of Resource Saving and Environmental Protection, The National Development and Reform Commission of China and by Dr. Jianlin CAO, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and by Prof. Shuji Nakamura, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2014. 

Prof. Russell Dean Dupuis earned all of his academic degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He received his bachelor's degree with "Highest Honors-Bronze Tablet" in 1970. He received his master's in electrical engineering in 1971, and his Ph.D. degree in 1973. His alma mater has honored him with the University of Illinois Alumni Loyalty Award, and the Distinguished Alumnus Award. Dr. Dupuis worked at Texas Instruments from 1973 to 1975. In 1975, he joined Rockwell International where he was the first to demonstrate that MOCVD could be used for the growth of high-quality semiconductor thin films and devices. He joined AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1979 where he extended his work to the growth of InP-InGaAsP by MOCVD. In 1989 he became a chaired professor at the University of Texas in Austin. In August 2003, he was appointed Steve W. Chaddick Chair in Electro-Optics at Georgia Tech in ECE. He is currently studying the growth of III-V compound semiconductor devices by MOCVD, including materials in the InAlGaN/GaN, InAlGaAsP/GaAs, InAlGaAsSb, and InAlGaAsP/InP systems.

Professor Haas received the PhD degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2001. He currently holds the Chair of Mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh, and is co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of pureLiFi Ltd as well as the Director of the LiFi Research and Development Center at the University of Edinburgh. His main research interests are in optical wireless communications, hybrid optical wireless and RF communications, spatial modulation, and interference coordination in wireless networks. He first introduced and coined spatial modulation and LiFi. LiFi was listed among the 50 best inventions in TIME Magazine 2011. Prof. Haas was an invited speaker at TED Global 2011, and his talk: "Wireless Data from Every Light Bulb" has been watched online more than 2.2 million times. He gave a second TED Global lecture in 2015 on the use of solar cells as LiFi data detectors and energy harvesters. This has been viewed online more than 1 million times.  Professor Haas holds 31 patents and has more than 30 pending patent applications. He has published 300 conference and journal papers including a paper in Science. He co-authored a book entitled: "Principles of LED Light Communications Towards Networked Li-Fi" published with Cambridge University Press in 2015. Prof. Haas is editor of IEEE Transactions on Communications and IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technologies. He was co-recipient of recent best paper awards at the IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC-Fall) in Las Vegas in 2013, and VTC-Spring in Glasgow in 2015. He was co-recipient of the EURASIP Best Paper Award for the Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking in 2015, and co-recipient of the Jack Neubauer Memorial Award of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society. In 2012, he was the recipient of the prestigious Established Career Fellowship from the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) within Information and Communications Technology in the UK.  Prof. Haas is recipient of the Tam Dalyell Prize 2013 awarded by the University of Edinburgh for excellence in engaging the public with science.  In 2014, he was selected by EPSRC as one of ten RISE (Recognising Inspirational Scientists and Engineers) Leaders in the UK.

Eighth Executive Member Meeting - New Board Member

During the eighth ISA executive member meeting in Beijing, on November 14th, 2016 a new board member was elected into the Advisory Board of ISA.
Mr. Siegfried Luger from Luger Research e.U. / LED professional is the new member of the ISA Advisory Board. 

advisors board.jpg

Eighth Executive Member Meeting with ISA President Madame Ling Wu - 2016, Beijing 


ISA 2016 General Assemblywith ISA President Madame Ling Wu - 2016, Beijing


3rd Meeting of BRICS SSL Cooperation Working Group - 2016, Beijing


ChinaSSL and ISA meetings were held at the Beijing International Convention Center (BICC)