Business News | Aug 28, 2012

Lighting the way: Perspectives on the global lighting market (Second edition; 2012) - McKinsey

While many of the findings in McKinsey's 2011 “Lighting the way” report – the first to provide a holistic view of the fragmented and complex global lighting industry – still hold true in general today, some key market parameters have shifted due to world events over the past year. This second edition addresses recent changes in the lighting market environment, updating the 2011 findings with a particular focus on the accelerated erosion of LED prices. The impact of the transition from traditional lighting technologies to LED is likely to be dramatic in the years ahead, affecting players in all related sectors.


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Executive summary highlights

"The market is on a clear transition path from traditional lighting technologies to LED"

"Regulation across the globe has become more stringent, fueling the penetration of more energy-efficient light sources"

"LED prices have eroded more aggressively, pulling forward the payback time of LED lighting"

"The total market is expected to grow annually by 5 percent through to 2016, and by 3 percent thereafter until 2020"

"Asia is expected to account for approximately 45 percent of the global general lighting market by 2020"

"Value in the LED chip and package market is set to shift from backlighting to general lighting"

"The lighting control system market is already mushrooming, with a growth rate anticipated at almost 20 percent p.a."