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Business News | May 24, 2011

New NanoMarkets Report Forcasts OLED Lighting Market to Reach USD 1.5 Billion by 2016

Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets has released its latest report titled, “OLED Lighting Markets Europe-2011,” that says the market opportunities in Europe for OLED lighting will generate $1.5 billion (USD) in OLED lighting panel sales by 2016. The report is the latest in NanoMarkets’ continuing coverage of the global OLED lighting marketplace.

NanoMarkets has also recently released reports on the market for OLED lighting in Asia and an update of the firm's global market forecast for OLED lighting. In addition, the firm has issued a report on the business case for OLED lighting and will soon issue a new report on the OLED materials market. An analysis and forecast of OLED lighting manufacturing capacity worldwide will be published by NanoMarkets in September of 2011.

Key findings:
German markets and firms will be the largest factor in the European OLED lighting scene for the foreseeable future. According to NanoMarkets’ projections, Germany will account for one fourth of all OLED lighting sales during the 2011 to 2018 period. In addition, the OLED lighting manufacturing in Europe is concentrated in Germany which is home to major facilities operated by BASF, Fraunhofer IPMS, Philips, Heraeus, Osram, Ledon, Merck and Novaled. German OLED lighting panel sales will reach almost $360 million in OLED panel sales by 2016.

After Germany, the U.K. will generate the greatest revenues from OLED panel sales during the forecasting period covered by the report, with almost $210 million in revenues by 2016. The U.K.’s prominence in the OLED lighting field is driven by the relatively large size of the country and the fact that it started phasing out incandescent bulbs earlier than any other European nation. The U.K. is also home to some highly innovative OLED firms such as CDT, E2M, Lomox and PolyPhotonix

European firms including Blackbody, Osram and Philips, already dominate the worldwide market for OLED luminaires and will continue to do so. There are already as many as 20 luminaires produced by European firms; albeit in limited quantities. Reflecting Europe’s long-established strength in industrial design, many of these luminaires have been created by leading lighting and furniture designers such as Ingo Maurer and Tom Dixon.

About the report:
This new report from NanoMarkets identifies the new business opportunities for OLED lighting in Europe and examines both consumer demand and the manufacturing infrastructure that has developed in the region. The report focuses on the main regions of Western Europe, with additional comments about the potential market for OLED lighting in Eastern Europe. The report includes analysis of all leading European firms active in the OLED lighting space at both the panel and luminaire level as well as profiles of all the national and pan-European OLED lighting R&D projects. It also includes a detailed eight-year forecast broken out by nation and by type of lighting. The lighting types covered in this report include primarily general illumination, architectural lighting and vehicular lighting.

About NanoMarkets:
NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities in energy and electronics markets created by developments in advanced materials.  It provides regular and comprehensive industry analysis of the OLED lighting space and the firm is recognized as a leading source of expertise for the OLED lighting supply chain.

Visit www.nanomarkets.netfor/ a full listing of NanoMarkets' reports and other services.



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