News-Spot | Business News | Jan 23, 2012

Research & Markets Releases "Global Chip on Board Light Emitting Diode Market (2011 – 2016)" Research

The COB LED market is observed to be growing rapidly as the technology improves and costs go down. The growing demand for energy efficient solutions is helping the industry to gain a consistent market share. The COB-LED module market is expected to exceed the growth of overall LED market in the forecasted period by grabbing the share from DIP-LED and SMD-LED due to having advantages over DIP and SMD, such as higher lumens density, better thermal management, more reliable and longer life, and the most important the small size and many more.

Detail function of LED packaging, packaging substrates, Product range of COB LED is studied.

The report segments different applications such as illumination, backlighting, automotive and others such as used in medical basically in surgical suites. The report also segments by geography such as Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. A detailed study on LED market and COB LED application is mentioned. The report also forecast the future growth of COB LED from 2011 to 2016, market size, application wise total market and their growth, list of leading manufacturer with their profiling, latest technology adopted, M&A's and JV's of key manufacturers.'