Business News | Company News | Divestment | Sep 09, 2020

Vossloh-Schwabe Sells LMS Outdoor Product Range to LVX Global

We are pleased to announce that we have sold our LMS Outdoor product division to our Australian based partner LVX Global with effect from 1 Sep-tember 2020. LVX Global handles the worldwide distribution of all network-able NB-PLC and HD-PLC products (iPC, iLC, iDC, iLIC, iLUX, iCCU). However, the stand-alone product iMCU will still be available from Voss-loh-Schwabe. We have concluded an agreement with LVX on production and logistics, which will thus continue to guarantee the existing high-quality standard.

With the sale, the three VS employees Horst Kremer-Merseburg, Jörg Schneck and Juraj Matus, also moved to our partner LVX Global. This ensures that LVX Global will provide support for all current projects.

With this strategic decision, VS follows its clear focus on intelligent Blue-tooth® products for indoor lighting control (Blu2Light). In the LED age, the subject of lighting control is becoming increasingly important. Daylight con-trol and motion detection are now indispensable for energy-efficient lighting control. So, what could be more obvious than using the largest possible platform that exists on every smartphone and tablet computer today, Blue-tooth® wireless technology?

Blu2Light enables convenient and simple wireless lighting control using apps on the smartphone or tablet. In order to network the increasingly intelligent devices, a mesh method based on Bluetooth® wireless technol-ogy is used. This enables the networking of various components in a WLAN network, in which the individual components act as transmitter and receiver. This means that the data is also available for IoT applications using a gateway.

About Vossloh-Schwabe:

Vossloh-Schwabe is a manufacturer of LED systems, lighting components and lighting systems. Since 1919, Vossloh-Schwabe has been developing and producing future-oriented products that meet the requirements of a wide range of applications such as office and retail lighting, residential, industrial, street and outdoor lighting as well as architectural lighting.
The product portfolio includes LED systems, state-of-the-art lighting
control systems for indoor use (Bluetooth®) and conventional lighting technology components such as electronic and magnetic ballasts,
lampholders and ignitors. In addition, VS is a strong partner for
customised LED solutions.
The focus is on LED lighting with complete systems consisting of LED modules, optics and drivers as well as the intelligent lighting control Blu2Light. -