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Worktitude For Life: Lamp Is Committed to Sustainability and Recycled Aluminum

Lamp is committed to working towards a more sustainable lighting industry and generating solutions with a positive impact on the environment. Worktitude for Life is an umbrella for all the initiatives we are developing for this purpose.

Thanks to the commitment to responsible manufacturing and the work carried out by our "Sustainable Development" team, together with our collaborators, we can assure that, currently, more than 31% of the products manufactured by Lamp use recycled aluminum extrusion at a rate of 80-85%, reducing the carbon footprint of products and processes, as well as the environmental impact across the entire value chain.

Currently, Lamp indoor families, including Fil 35, Fil 45, Fil 50, Fil 70, Ocult, Lamptub and Clinic, as well as the outdoor options, including Seti, Bazz, Lup, Iron and B-Side, are already being made of this material. All these families amount to a total of 2,258 references that represent 48% of our catalogue.

The use of recycled aluminum extrusion at Lamp has following benefits:
•    70% reduction in direct carbon emissions during the manufacture, thanks
     to the manufacturing process, the optimization of transport routes, and the
     collaboration with sustainable suppliers that produce a low carbon footprint.
•    The use of only 5% of energy in comparison with the amount used in the
     original process.
•    The company has been awarded the ASI Certification (Aluminum
     Stewardship Initiative), which is an independent certification whose
     regulations establish the environmental and social responsibility principles
     and criteria applicable to the aluminum value chain.

Worktitude For Life:

Worktitude for Life is a project that enables an increase in the value of the products and the company by implementing environmentally friendly materials and processes, as well as instilling a Circular Economy mindset. Nothing is a waste until being treated as such.

For this purpose, we consider three lines of action:
•    Materiality: reviewing all our current and future manufacturing processes
     and products, turning to a more sustainable model by replacing
     traditional materials with ecological, recycled, and non-toxic materials;
•    Ecodesign: incorporating sustainable design criteria as the main
     philosophy for all new Lamp developments, conceiving luminaires as
     modular, separable, and recyclable components from a circular economy
     perspective. "Products made to be made again";
•    "Living Centric Light": understanding the effect of lighting on the planet
     beyond energy savings, looking at the whole ecosystem and not just the
     impact on humans. In this way, we adopt new criteria such as the
     reduction in light pollution, the use of color temperatures, and wavelength
     emissions that are more wildlife-friendly, among others.

Together, we continue working and carrying out actions to contribute to the creation of sustainable and high-quality lighting, taking care of the environment and users.
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