ams OSRAM | Stadium Lighting | Roleds | SSL | Mar 09, 2022

LED Solutions for Beijing's Top Stadium

ams OSRAM is expanding its partnership with Roleds, a global smart IoT solutions provider specialized in smart city lighting, to provide highly innovative, efficient and LED lighting technology. Recently, Roleds provided China’s top national stadium in Beijing with smart lighting solutions featuring the ams OSRAM Oslon SSL and Duris S LEDs portfolio, presenting the opportunity for an immersive experience ceremonies of major sporting events.

Ever increasing attention is paid to the potential positive impact of the high-power and energy-saving, sustainable and human-centric lighting solutions available for today’s buildings. Roleds selected ams OSRAM’s Oslon SSL Red/Yellow/White LEDs and Duris S5 LEDs portfolio to develop its advanced smart lighting solutions for this nationally significant project.

The innovative technology, powerful performance OSRAM LEDs enabled Roleds to win this project to illuminate major national sports events. They meet our high standards for smart colored display technology and human-centric design, enabling a rich experience,” said Wang Wenlong, Head of Technology at Roleds.

The ams OSRAM Oslon SSL LEDs portfolio provides a completely new and highly innovative way to maximize lighting product efficiency by exploiting lenses and reflectors with just the right beam angle. This revolutionary feature was incorporated with a wide range of color temperatures and color rendering index to enable highly efficient, cost-saving and sustainable solutions.

Our high-quality LED technology have enabled specialized and highly efficient lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications,” said Pierre Laboisse, Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing ams OSRAM Group. “We chose to use porcelain compact packaging technology for its corrosion resistance, high reliability, and extended lifespan in business lighting and outdoor lighting.”

ams OSRAM has a long history of leadership in smart city lighting technology. Oslon SSL LEDs feature 1-3W, compact packaging of 3.0 mm x 3.0 mm, providing 80° and 150° beam angles with low thermal resistance, and can maintain high efficiency at high currents with maximum driver current of 1.3A. They provide a complete color rendering index (CRI) and correlative color temperature (CCT) range, enabling superior performance compared to competing products.

The Duris S5 LEDs portfolio includes all kinds of powered white and colored LEDs editions with outstanding efficiency and compact size package, offering flexibility and compatibility to a wide range of manufacturers and designers. The Duris S5 White Light Edition, with its direct voltage and luminous flow, offers great flexibility and an extended lifespan even at high temperatures. The Duris S5 RGB adopts ams OSRAM’s advanced color technology and covers a wider color spectrum with high-performance colors and less thermal loss.


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