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Bridgelux Eighth Generation COBs Deliver Market Leading Efficacy

Bridgelux today announced its eighth generation of LED chip-on board (COB) products delivering up to 185 lm/W across its V SeriesTM, Vero® Series and Vero® SE Series product families at nominal drive current. This performance is benchmarked at the popular 3000K 80 CRI color point, with efficacies above 200 lm/W possible at other color points across the industry's broadest range of COB products.

In addition to reclaiming the industry lead in COB efficacy, these products have many additional features:
•    Nominal light output optimized to align with traditional lamp standards
•    Industry best standard warranty of up to 10 years
•    Efficacy improvements of up to 10% compared to previous
     product generations
•    Up to 3x overdrive capability, delivering a 30% increase in maximum
     lumens per LES size
•    Increased lumens per dollar, further reducing the cost of
     solid-state lighting
•    Optical and mechanical consistency with previous generations, enabling
     a seamless upgrade path leveraging existing ecosystem components
•    Broad range of COB size and performance options from LES 8mm
     to LES 29mm
•    Improved alignment with industry standard drive currents, enabling the
     use of economical LED drivers to further reduce costs
•    Technologically equivalent with current Bridgelux seventh generation
     COB LM-80 data

With more efficient light sources available for an entire lighting ecosystem, customers are now better equipped to meet evolving energy standards and rebate incentive programs without compromises in quality of light.

In addition to the announcement of new Gen 8 products, Bridgelux continues to expand its portfolio of human centric lighting solutions.  New products under development include the new Vesta® ThriveTM COB, the industry's first tunable white natural spectrum light source; expansions in the Vesta® Flex dual channel driver and controls family to now include Casambi and Silvair control modules; and the new Vesta® SE, the first dim-to-warm and tunable white COBs with integrated holders to simplify and standardize mechanical, optical, and electrical connections.

"The lighting market continues to evolve, with some suppliers reducing their focus on lighting," said Tim Lester, CEO of Bridgelux.  "Bridgelux is a technology partner for our customers that remains committed to lighting.  Our expanded portfolio further enhances our ability to support our customers in navigating the market transition toward human centric lighting, the right light, in the right place, at the right time.  We look forward to working with our customers to expand their product portfolios, ensuring innovative, market leading, lighting products."

Bridgelux Gen 8 products are now available for sampling and ordering with production shipments commencing in April 2020.

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