SSL | Components | Optics | Mar 09, 2020

Carclo Silicone S1 Is Selected for John Cullen Lighting's New Lucca 120 and New Double Asymmetric 33Up Arrays Are Introduced

Carclo Optics announces the latest additions to their standard catalogue, the DA2s frosted Double Asymmetric 33Up arrays. They bring the total no of parts in the range to 40 and work well across a variety of applications. Furthermore, Carclo's Silicone S1 has been selected by John Cullen Lighting as the centerpiece of their new Lucca 120.

What Sarah Roberts, John Cullen Lighting's Marketing Director says about the Silicone S1:

"We chose the Carclo S1 due to its unique, complex internal structure and resistance to high temperatures – both of which would only be possible with a silicone optic. This allows us to achieve a tighter beam angle from a relatively large LES - the Lucca 120 packs over 1,000 lumens into a 9° beam, delivering over 33,000 candelas to make it the tightest and brightest luminaire of its size on the market."

With extensive experience in the design and manufacture of secondary optics, our standard range offers numerous solutions for your bespoke projects. If you have something particular in mind that requires specific considerations, why not try our custom service? Our team will talk through all the requirements with you and offer a product tailored to your exact specifications.

With a wide range of available options, Carclo can help realise any project whatever the budget.

To find out more about our products and to select the appropriate product for your application, please consider Optic Select, our web application that allows you to search the product database using a wide range of criteria such as beam angle, optic type and full width half max. It returns the filtered results and presents comprehensive data sheets that can be viewed online or downloaded as pdfs. -

About Carclo:

Carclo Optics boasts unrivalled expertise in optical design, development and manufacture. Our in-house team provides bespoke optical, reflector and holder design alongside our standard ranges.
Optics are available in a large variety of configurations including single, triple, quad and extruded with a choice of finishes (such as frosted, elliptical, polished). There are a number of fixing options that include taped, glued, clipped and screwed. -