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Code Mercenaries Offers a New Approach to Configure IEC62386 Buses with BusMaster

IEC62386 is a well-established option for lighting control in SmartHome and SmartBuilding applications. Costs for IEC62386 components have dropped in recent years and the selection of components has grown significantly. Though the configuration of the bus remains a challenge for the installers. The cabling is quite different from classic cabling since the bus has to run parallel to the power line. But the major problem is the usually very complicated deployment software for setting up the configuration of the bus components.

Currently available products for the bus configuration either require too much detailed knowledge of the bus protocol or are limited in the configuration options. Some are specialized for the parts of certain manufacturers, which reduces their usability for installations with parts from multiple companies.

BusMaster by Code Mercenaries changes the user paradigm. The complexity of the IEC62386 protocol is hidden as much as possible and typical configuration steps have much simplified handling while retaining the full flexibility of detailed configuration options.

One of the typical stumbling blocks in IEC62386 deployment is readdressing of luminaries. BusMaster displays all addressed devices in a 8 x 8 matrix and allows simple drag&drop to move a device to a new address or make it switch addresses with another device. Clicking a device in the matrix locates this device by dimming it to 100%. Multiple devices can be selected in the matrix to simultaneously change their settings. Settings can by stored and copied to other devices too. This significantly speeds up the configuration.

Group assignment of the devices is also very comfortable with BusMaster. A dialog shows all devices and groups in a matrix and allows assignment by just clicking. This makes the group memberships of devices visible as pattern.

BusMaster requires a LED-Warrior14U-DR by Code Mercenaries and a computer running Windows 7 or newer. The license for BusMaster is included with the purchase of LED-Warrior14U-DR.

Customers who already own a LED-Warrior14U-DR can download the BusMaster here:

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