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Effective UV-C LED Solutions for Pathogen Containment, Medical and Biotechnical Applications at euroLighting

Short UV-C light has been proven to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. euroLighting offers new product solutions in the form of UV-C LEDs, the effect of which can be used specifically to effectively sterilise air, water and surfaces and greatly reduce the risk of infection. Based on the current virus pandemic and in view of statements by experts that such situations could occur more frequently in the future, solutions are urgently sought to contain the spread of pathogens as quickly and effectively as possible.

Specifications of the UV-C3535 series

The new UV-C LED series UV-C3535 from Smart Eco Lighting is available from euroLighting in three different power levels and wavelengths. Depending on requirements, the patented UV-C LEDs are available with a radiant flux of 4 mW (at 0.12 W output), 10m W (at 0.63 W output) or as a particularly powerful version with 45m W (at 1.57 W output). The series is available in the peak wavelengths 255, 265 and 280 nm.

A special patented LED packaging technology, in which the quartz glass of the UV LED is (inorganically) welded onto the metal substrate instead of (organically) glued, enables a significant increase in the service life of the LED. This inorganic method of production prevents the adhesive from being damaged by UV light, the chip is oxidized after a short time due to oxygen ingress, and the lifetime is reduced to less than 200 hours. The big advantage: even after a service life of more than 50,000 hours, the luminous flux remains at over 70% of its original value.

With the compact design of 3.5x3.5x1.5 mm and a beam angle of 120°, the UV-C LEDs can be used flexibly in compact to large systems.

UV-C LEDs are a mercury-free and therefore environmentally friendly alternative to conventional UV lamps. Despite frequent on/off cycles there is no reduction in service life. The low-pressure UV lamps used so far, on the other hand, have the disadvantage that they contain toxic mercury, are limited in design and require a warm-up time of 20 to 30 minutes before effective use.

Medical applications and individual solutions

Based on the new UV-C LEDs, Smart Eco Lighting has already developed a complete system for air disinfection and water disinfection and applied for a patent. With the professional support of its developers, the manufacturer can supply customized solutions from modules to complete LED systems with the required UV dose. In addition to applications for water treatment, air disinfection, surface disinfection and sterilization, the UV-C LEDs can also be used for inspections and measurements, for DNA analysis in biotechnology or similar applications.

About euroLighting GmbH:

euroLighting GmbH from Nagold focuses on the distribution and development of modern LED technology. The LED modules in driverless AC technology are suitable for installation in lamps of any kind and no longer require a conventional power supply. A novelty are the LED products with sunlight-like spectrum, which have a positive effect on human and animal health. Here euroLighting offers both LEDs and various types of ready-to-use LED lamps. The product portfolio of modern LED light sources also includes LED street lamps up to 150 W (= HQL 400 W) including night-time reduction as well as complete smart city systems for building an intelligent city. Screw-in modules to replace HQL and NAV lamps in luminaire heads, cylindrical designs as well as T8 LED tubes and LED area lights complete the range. -