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euroLighting's New LED Series with Broadband Light Spectrum up to 1000 nm

With the new PW series, euroLighting is expanding its power-of-sun range to include LEDs with broadband light spectrum from 380 to 1000 nm. This broad spectrum is currently highly innovative for use in lighting to promote health and well-being. The LEDs have a very high light quality with a color rendering value of 98.9 and can support the body's own healing processes.

The special feature of the LEDs from Smart Eco Lighting's PW series is the broadband spectrum that covers all wavelengths across the entire visible range from 380 - 780 nm and also extends far into the infrared range up to 1000 nm. Thus, this LED spectrum almost corresponds to the ideal thermal light source - in warm color temperatures such as 2700 K it behaves similar to a classic incandescent bulb and in cold color temperatures such as 5000 K it reproduces the natural daylight spectrum.

The very good light quality of the LEDs is reflected in their high color rendering value Ra 98.9. All 15 reference values of the CRI rating have values above 96 when measured. Especially the values of R9 (rich red) and R12 (rich blue) are very close to the ideal value of 100 with 97, while many other LEDs show clear deficits here.

Technical data:

The PW2835-3V0.2W LED from Smart Eco Lighting has a size of 2.8x3.5 mm, a power of 0.2 W and is operated with a voltage of 3 V and a current of 60 mA. Its efficiency has been optimized and doubled from 23 lm/W to 50 lm/W. Thus, the LED achieves a typical luminous flux of 9.2 lm at 5000 K. Color temperatures range from 2700 K to 6500 K. Other designs such as SMD LEDs with, for example, 0.5 W or COB LEDs in higher outputs from 4W are available on request.

Effect and areas of application:

The broad LED spectrum not only makes it easier to see and read, but at the same time has a beneficial effect on people's health and well-being. In particular, the long-wave red and infrared rays, which are not present in commercial LEDs, have been shown to support the body's own healing processes. The infrared penetrates deep into the skin, is converted into energy by the power sources in the cells and thus supports the vitality and energy supply of the organs.

LEDs are used wherever the focus is on human health and well-being. Among the numerous examples are special lights to promote health and vitality in the home, in medical practices and patients' rooms, as well as wellness lights in spas and hotels. Another area of application is test laboratories, quality management, spectral analysis or other areas where the highest possible light quality and color rendering with a uniform, broadband spectrum is required.

Alternatively, in special application areas such as spectroscopy, where an additional UVA component is required, the PD LED series can be used, which offers an extension of the spectrum into the near UV range.

For additional information, please contact euroLighting at info@eurolighting.de

About euroLighting:

euroLighting GmbH, based in Nagold, Germany, concentrates its development and marketing activities in driverless AC technology. LED modules in this new AC technology are suitable for installation in all types of luminaries and do not require conventional power supply. A novelty are light-emitting diodes with sunlight similar spectrum.
The product portfolio comprises different forms of modern LED illuminates, including street lamps, replacement for HQL lamps up to 150 W (≙ HQL 400 W), Retrofit modules as replacement for HQL and NAV lamps in lampheads, cylindrical construction forms as well as T8 LED tubes up to 1.5 m and LED-panel lamps as retrofit. All products are delivered in the newest AC technology. - www.eurolighting.de