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HCL | Driver Modules | DALI-2 | Tunable White Light | Aug 31, 2020

Helvar Introduces New Compact 45W Tunable White Driver

Helvar is passionate to spread the message of wellbeing through human-centric lighting solutions. Therefore, Helvar is very excited to announce a new Tunable White LED driver with some fantastic features for professional lighting. Helvar's new 45 W DALI Type 8 compact driver comes with wide output current range, parameter setting option with NFC, and SELV60 rating, all great benefits for flexible luminaire design.

Main Features of the LC45iC-DA-100-900:
•    45/2 W Tunable White (DT8) DALI dimmable LED driver
•    100 mA – 900 mA adjustable current output
•    SELV60
•    Lifetime (h): 50000
•    Dimming range: 2% – 100%

With accessory strain-reliefs you can install Helvar's new LC45iC-DA-100-900 driver also outside the luminaire, which is an excellent choice for pendants and LED panels. The driver supports our patented Switch-Control 2 functionality: an easy way to control both the light intensity and color temperature from a simple retrievable switch.

And the most important: flicker-free amplitude dimming down to 2% and wide dynamic dimming range guarantees excellent performance – that's a perfect match for lighting needs in spaces supporting wellbeing with lighting.

We are with you all the way: match the driver with our iC Series LED modules and choose Helvar lighting control system to enjoy the ultimate customer experience only we can provide.

Looking for more information what Tunable White or human centric lighting is? To learn more about Tunable White, please visit or find out more and make your sample orders from your closest Helvar representative at

About Helvar:

At Helvar we create intelligent and energy-saving lighting solutions and luminaire components. Helvar solutions and components help to create smart environments built for the future, using information, and working seamlessly with other systems.
Our products are regarded as best-in-class for reliability, compatibility and flexibility. With the extensive selection of advanced lighting solutions and components, we're unmatched when it comes to saving energy and enhancing comfort and mood. From providing remote monitoring and maintenance, to using data to predict energy savings or to lower running costs by integrating to other building systems, our service offerings support buildings throughout their entire life cycle.
Serve our customers locally in over 40 countries. Our headquarters are located in Finland, as are our luminaire component development and manufacturing operations. Our lighting control competence center is in England. Worldwide, our customers are served by our local sales offices and our global network of partners. -


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